Bionic Chevy Luv

Nov. 01, 2005 By Randy Burleson

I met the owner of this rig when I was photographing Sierra Trek for Off-Road.Com, he was idling over the trail without slipping a tire of his bright blue Luv. He ditched the stock front suspension and underslung a bulletproof Toyota mini truck axle with lifted Toyota springs, mating up the steering and brakes to make this work.


He's running a Buick V6, and a completely custom drivetrain. His doors are welded, de-glassed, and clearance-cut to ease entry with no doors. It makes for a sleek look, but I'll not plan this until I've tried getting in and out a few times.

You'll know more about it when I do. Stay tuned, because from what I saw at Sierra Trek, this rig rocks!

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