The Clamptite Tool

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May. 15, 2007 By Press Release

The Clamptite Tool has the ability to properly clamp anything to anything, anywhere.

Performance is based on wire strength using a flexible but strong wire, some applications require the strength of Stainless Steel wire other applications can be done with galvanized wire.

Wire provides a perfect fit and the tool allows the user to produce sufficient torque to allow the repair of water hoses to hydraulic hoses or the reduction of hose diameter to pull a 3 inch hose down to the size of a 2 inch fitting.

The tool allows the user to customize clamps for each application in any location off road or off shore.

Adventurer's that carry this tool in their vehicle carry with them the ability to fix almost any hose or broken item it is an excellent emergency repair tool.

The tools come with instructions, 8'-10' stainless steel wire, wire nut in a kit that will fit in your tool box, saddle bag, or pocket.

The tool is limited only by your mechanical creativity.

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