Inchworm Gear Speed Sensor Adapter for Toyotas

Mar. 19, 2009 By Press Release
In Toyota-installed gear-driven transfer cases in four-cylinder pickups and 4Runners from 1979 through 1995, speed sensors were not used as standard equipment in these rigs until about 1992. Speed sensors from chain-driven t-cases don’t fit gear driven t-cases. This means that anyone swapping out a chain-driven case in favor of a gear driven unit in a 1992 or newer Toyota will need a speed sensor.

Inchworm Gear carries the factory Toyota sensor to fit gear-driven cases, but it has also developed a far more economical solution with our Speed Sensor Adapter. The adapter attaches to the speedometer cable drive of the gear-driven transfer case and allows users to utilize the internal components of the speed sensor from the original chain-driven t-case. Our adapter is machined from 6061 billet aluminum on our own CNC milling machines and can be purchased as a kit. Detailed instructions available at For more information, visit Newsletter
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