Discount Tire Co. Announces Launch of Innovative Interactive Web Application

Oct. 12, 2007 By Press Release
Scottsdale, AZ (PRWEB) October 12, 2007 -- Discount Tire Company/America's Tire Company announced today the release of an innovative new application on their website, Known as the "Interactive Wheel System," this progression in eCommerce provides customers with a cutting-edge method of previewing wheels. The Interactive Wheel System can be accessed directly at

The Interactive Wheel System is a Flash-based application that allows customers to preview the wheels of their choice on their specific vehicle prior to purchase. The system is completely integrated with both Discount Tire's website and database of product information. This gives customers the opportunity to virtually apply a large selection of wheels to an image of their vehicle, in order to provide an idea of what the wheels will look like when mounted on the vehicle. The idea behind the Interactive Wheel System is to offer customers the comfort of knowing how a specific set of wheels will enhance the look of their vehicle before they commit to buying it.

The Interactive Wheel System also provides a new level of convenience for web customers searching for a set of wheels. Once the customer enters information regarding their vehicle anywhere on the Discount Tire website, the system will remember their specifics. So if a customer has already entered the make, model, and year of their vehicle during a search for tires on the website, they won't have to enter the information again when using the Interactive Wheel System. Also, once a customer has decided to purchase a set of wheels, they will be able to add them to their shopping cart directly from the Interactive Wheel System. This allows customers to save time while searching for wheels and eliminates unnecessary steps in the process.

This cutting-edge application also features enhanced images of the available wheels. In addition to being able to see an image of the wheels on their vehicle, customers have the option of examining detailed close-up views of the wheel. The close-up views offer a better look at the lip, spoke, and cap of each wheel, as well as a 3/4 view of the entire wheel. Along with multiple views of each wheel, pricing and sizing specifics are easily accessed inside the Interactive Wheel System.

Discount Tire has established a national reputation based on high standards of customer service. The release of the Interactive Wheel System is part of an ongoing effort to maintain that reputation and the rapport established with customers. The Interactive Wheel System's progressive combination of selection, convenience, detail, and information seeks to enhance the company's legacy of customer satisfaction.

For additional information on Discount Tire's Interactive Wheel System, contact Mike Bolland or visit or

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