1998 Yamaha SRX 600/700 Crankshafts

Nov. 01, 2005 By ORC STAFF
If you own a 1998 Yamaha SRX 600 or 700 snowmobile, you might want to check your crankshaft.......


Last fall, one lone report emerged on the snowmobile newsgroup, Rec.Sport.Snowmobiles, about a grass-dragged 700 SRX with a bent crank. Nobody could believe it at the time, but as the snowmobile season progressed, more of these reports started pouring in.


Fast forward to the fall of 1998, and it is known the twisted crank problem does exist. We asked Bonnie at Four Seasons Yamaha (Caribou ME) what she could tell us about this problem. She confirmed there were both 600 and 700 SRXs with twisted cranks and that Yamaha was standing behind the product and fixing them quickly with no questions asked. She went on to say Yamaha had not issued a recall, and that the 1999 SRX models have been improved with stronger crankshafts.


One thing we would like to stress is that a bent crank isn't always readily apparent on an SRX. Credit Yamaha for such a silky smooth three cylinder engine, that many owners were shocked when their crankshafts were found to be out of tolerance. We have not received any reports of a complete engine failure, only a decrease in performance, slight engine vibrations, and an increased appetite for sparkplugs.


We here at Snowmobile Online encourage SRX owners to have their crankshafts inspected this fall as they perform their pre-season tune-ups. While we recommend you have a certified Yamaha technician perform this check, some owners have reported their cranks were visibly out of tolerance just by watching the primary clutch for wobble as the engine is pulled over slowly with the spark plugs removed. Rest assured, if your machine is affected, Yamaha will take care of it before the snow flies.


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