Snowmobile Q&A

LATEST Snowmobile Q&A

  • SnowTech Questions in the Off-Season

    My.Off-Road Community will still be the hot place to get all your snowmobiling questions answered.

    Mar. 23, 2009
  • Ask The SnowMan: Your Sledding Questions Answered

    Ice scratchers, riding mountain sleds on groomed trails, and time for new rings on the 'Cat.

    Mar. 01, 2009
  • Ask the SnowMan: Reader Questions Answered

    This month Tony answers all manner of electrical questions - voltage regulators, relays and the contacts that are vital. Also lots of questions on carbs and tuning, as usual.

    Feb. 03, 2009
  • Ask the SnowMan: Your Sledding Questions Answered

    I have a 1999 700 mountain max and want to put delta force reeds and power incorporated pipes on, and wonder if I have to fatten up my jets and what kind of hp gain will I get? The answers to this and MORE of your questions.

    Dec. 01, 2008
  • Two-Stroke Trouble Shooting Guide

    Priceless and timeless technical information. Anyone who wanders off normal roads should have at least basic trouble-shooting skills to fall back on when the engine malfunctions.

    Nov. 25, 2008
  • Rants and Raves: Arctic Cat - The Future

    Arctic Cat's sled sales are taking a back seat to their ATV offerings. Wanna know why?

    Sep. 01, 2007
  • Rants and Raves: Snowmobiling's Number Ones

    Everyone's been #1 at least once. Since the beginning of snowmobiling, every one of the currently existing snowmobile manufacturers has been Number One in market dominance at least once.

    Jul. 30, 2007
  • Rants and Raves: Ten Sleds that Shaped the Sport

    Snowmobilers being snowmobilers and never without an opinion, we are certain that you have your own choices for most significant sleds. Obviously, you are welcome to your own picks, but here are ours.

    Jul. 01, 2007
  • Rants and Raves June 2007

    Just when you thought it was safe to assume a settled-in EPA limit for internal combustion engines, the U.S. Supreme Court reopens that debate with a ruling that supports the Environmental Protection Agency's (EPA) authority to limit carbon dioxide emissi

    Jun. 04, 2007
  • Rant and Rave: Polaris to Return to Normalcy

    Following a dismal 2006, Polaris Execs tell shareholders that Polaris will be "...the Toyota of the powersport business..."

    May. 01, 2007
  • 4-Stroke For What?

    It is hard to read any of the snowmobile publications without seeing a feature on the new four stroke technologies. And every time I read one of these articles I can?t help but feel defeated. Because in every article there is the mention of how environmen

    Nov. 01, 2005
  • Join Up & Volunteer

    It seems to me that more and more these days I keep hearing folks whining about trail conditions or their DNR's Poor management of the trail system in their area.

    Nov. 01, 2005
  • Scorpion Snowmobiles...... Almost Here......

    Seems the folks building the new Scorpion sled are on tour, displaying their new sled.

    Nov. 01, 2005
  • The RUMOR Mill

    We thought a place for faith promoting rumors, wishful thinking and gossiping concerning sleds, manufacturers and the future of the industry in general would be fun. If you have something to contribute, then let us know. Check back from time to time and s

    Nov. 01, 2005
  • Ski-Doo 800 Summit

    This rumor has raced around for the past couple of years. Ever since the Polaris 700 RMK hit the mountain, rumor has had it that Ski-Doo was preparing an 800 twin Summit to rule the mountains. Most of us have written this one off until recently when an 80

    Nov. 01, 2005
  • Thinkin' Snow - the latest....

    So what are the ThinkIn' Snow editorials anyway? We're asked that a lot and the answer is very simple. ThinkIn' Snow is the Snowmobile Online's Internet soap box. Like the soap box at the town square of days long past, but only for the snowmo

    Nov. 01, 2005
  • Who Is Really To Blame?

    The stud ban that is to take effect in Minnesota next winter on all trails is really a reflection of the public opinion toward snowmobilers. Reasoning about braking power, real effects, and technology will not change public perception. My comments to foll

    Nov. 01, 2005
  • Snowmobiling Etiquette 101

    For many years, snowmobilers have gotten the bad rap, mainly due to a few people that just don't get the sport and what the snowmobiling community represents. We all know these people.

    Nov. 01, 2005
  • Snowmobile Safety Issues

    Never consume alcohol or drugs before or during snowmobile operation. Drinking alcohol before or during snowmobiling can impair judgment and slow reaction time. Snowmobilers who have been drinking often drive too fast. Alcohol also causes body temperature

    Nov. 01, 2005
  • The RUMOR Mill

    WARNING! This section relies on sometimes shady sources for content. We thought a place for faith promoting rumors, wishful thinking and gossiping concerning sleds, manufacturers and the future of the industry in general would be fun. If you have somethin

    Nov. 01, 2005