Snowmobile Projects

LATEST Snowmobile Projects

  • Snowmobile Tech: Vforce Reeds Install

    Reeds are a one-way valve located downstream from your carbs, mounted between the crankcase and cylinders. The motor pulls the air/fuel mixture from the carbs, through the reeds and into the case.

    Jan. 07, 2008
  • Back it up Dude

    For the past 15 years or so most sled manufacturers had reverse available for sleds. While some of the more deluxe or touring models came with reverse others required it to be added later as an option later.

    Mar. 01, 2007
  • Mark Helms's '99 Polaris 700 RMK

    Mark Helms sent us this picture of his sled carving a turn in some powder. Mark says: This picture was taken in the spring of 1999, in the Utah mountains, after receiving a fresh 24 inches of light fluffy stuff. I am on a 1999 Polaris RMK 700. Don't let t

    Nov. 01, 2005
  • Bruce Finnegan's '98 Polaris 700 RMK

    Bruce Finnegan, aka Biggdawg, from Waverly, Iowa sent this picture. Bruce says: This picture was taken in December of 1997, in Avon Colorado. There was 3 feet of fresh powder and I was taking my new 1998 700 RMK on it's first ride when I got this great pi

    Nov. 01, 2005
  • Installing Bender's VIP Pipe

    The 2002 Yamaha Viper is an amazing sled, no one will argue that fact. BUT, all good things can be made better with a bit of good ole hard work. Bender has spent the past year doing just that, with a whole lot of research and development and an awful lot

    Nov. 01, 2005
  • Our Beaders SLEDS

    Got a cool sled that you are especially proud of and want to show it off? Send us an article and a couple of pictures and we'll include it here for you.

    Nov. 01, 2005
  • Blake Schoenbeck's '99 Arctic Cat ZL 600 EFI

    Blake Schoenbeck says: After finally moving out of the city, I wanted to learn how to ride a snowmobile. Of course, I did not want to learn how to ride on a used sled, so my first purchase last year after moving to the wilds of Vermont was a 1999 Arctic C

    Nov. 01, 2005
  • Jim Voegele's Indy

    Here`s a picture of my Indy 400 that I built from scratch. I started with an `85 bulkhead and new tunnel, and then installed a 400 motor that was bored to a 440. The jackshaft, driveshaft, chaincase w/liquid cooled brake, and rear suspension came from a w

    Nov. 01, 2005
  • Billy Stannard's 97 ZL 440 Mountain Cat

    I'm Billy Stannard, and this is my 1997 ZL 440 Mountain Cat, with a 2" paddle track. This snowmachine is undoubtedly one of the best snowmachines I have ridden. The trail riding is good with it, because it turns easy and rides smooth. When we go mountain

    Nov. 01, 2005
  • Gary Hatstat's '79 Kawasaki Invader 440

    Gary Hatstat sent us this picture of his classic '79 Kawasaki Invader 440.

    Nov. 01, 2005
  • Kaitlyn's '00 Polaris XCR 120

    Kaitlyn says she likes her first sled very much. It's fast! I want to thank my dad for getting if for me. Love you! Be sure to click on the pictures for a larger, clearer view.

    Nov. 01, 2005
  • Ken Belohlavek's '95 Yamaha Vmax 600

    Here are a few pictures of my 1995 Vmax 600. It's not the fastest sled out there, but it's been very reliable and a blast to ride.

    Nov. 01, 2005
  • Buddy Pawloski's '99 Polaris XCR EDGE 440

    My name is Buddy Pawloski from Coldwater, Michigan. This is my 1999 Polaris XCR EDGE 440. This sled has run neck and neck with 700cc class sleds and has run over 300ft of open water without sinking (so far).

    Nov. 01, 2005
  • Paul Cornell's '91 Polaris Indy 650

    This is my '91 Polaris Indy 650 triple. It has over 9,000 miles and still runs great. I put about 500 miles on it this year (99/00) including my first trip to Michigan.

    Nov. 01, 2005
  • Indy Project Sled - XTRA-10 Installation

    By itself, installing an XTRA-10 in an older Indy is really easy. Essentially you drop the old suspension out, measure carefully for the new mouting holes, relocate the suspension mount plates, drill the new holes and bolt in the XTRA-10. Ride height is j

    Nov. 01, 2005
  • Todd Retterer's '97 Polaris Storm

    Here is a picture of my 1997 Polaris Storm. Even though the 800's will walk away from it, it's still a lot of fun. The photo was taken on Presidents Day this year up at Houghton Lake, Michigan.

    Nov. 01, 2005
  • Indy Project Sled - Late-Model XC Coolers

    Here's another mod that I did because of other things I had done to the sled. The germ of the idea sprang from the chaincase roll, which sprang from the hope of weight saving.

    Nov. 01, 2005
  • Chuck Conner's 97 Polaris XLT RMK

    Chuck Conner writes: Here is one of the many jumps we make in the Alaska Range. Here I am on a 97 XLT RMK. It had to have a new hood and I still haven't added the decals, but I have added a widening kit and fox shocks. The rack isn't all that great in the

    Nov. 01, 2005
  • Brian Moore's '99 Arctic Cat Thundercat

    Brian Moore decided he didn't want to "work his way up" so his first sled is this 1999 Thundercat. On a recent trip to Lochalsh, Ontario, he put over 600 miles on his well studded Kitty in three days of riding. He claims his Cat is a tad hard on gas, but

    Nov. 01, 2005
  • Indy Project Sled - New Handlebars

    Many aggressive riders complain about the bend of the stock Indy handlebars, especially after riding another brand with straighter bars. Changing handlebars is not a particularly easy job, mainly because of the handwarmers. But if you have some other reas

    Nov. 01, 2005
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