Dale Hooser's 92 Yamaha Exciter

Nov. 01, 2005 By ORC STAFF
On top of the world! Dale Hooser writes:

Hi, my name is Dale Hooser and I live in Palmer Alaska. I used to ride the sled pictured here, but this year I bought a 1998 583 summit.

Getting to the top of mountains is the game here in Alaska. Doing it with this old 1992 Exciter with a 121" x 1.25" track took ALLOT of sidehilling, but it was worth every aching muscle.

This second picture shows the price you pay for working a sled to death. Lucky I brought another belt that day! This one was new at the start of the day.

Ouch!  But Yamaha sure made belt access easy!

Be sure and click on the pictures for a larger, clearer view.

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