Jim Voegele's '99 Polaris 700 XC

Nov. 01, 2005 By ORC STAFF

Jim Voegele from Roselle, Illinois writes:

Not A Good Start...!This picture shows the way mother nature treated my new sled before it ever came out of the crate. It was stacked three high when she blew it over. I took the mangled remains off the dealers hands for a really great deal and purchased the parts to repair and personalize it at the same time.

The Here is the finished product. 2000 500 XC decals and a 700 SKS hood along with repairing the other damage and adding reverse. It started life as a '99 700 XC but now it has its own personality. I ended up with a brand new sled with a warranty for under $5000. Gotta love it!!!!


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