Rob Krzan's '94 Polaris - XXXtreme Attitude

Nov. 01, 2005 By ORC STAFF
Polaris Rob Krzan from Silver Bow Montana sent us this information about his '94 Polaris called "XXXtreme Attitude":

"Mods include Ekholm Skis and Skid Plate, DG Mountain Bar and Lightweight Silencer, Cobra Sport Tech windshield, Sno-stuff light cover, Staring Line Polaris Rolled Chaincase, Guard and Tunnel Extension, 1 3/4 Camoplast Paddle Track, Maverick Mini Slide Rail Extensions, Gas Pro Shocks, extended Brake lever, custom built brake line, Galfer brakes, custom built gas rack, and a custom paint job."

Polaris If you find yourself sledding in Montana, look for Rob and his sled at Wise River, Cooke City, or The Upper Big Hole Valley. Rob wants to give a special thanks to Dan Waldemar for the custom paint on his sled. If you like the paint job, Rob encourages you to drop Dan a note at [email protected] If you would like to talk to Rob about his machine, E-mail him at [email protected] Newsletter
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