Justin Chamber's '78 Ski Doo Everest & '80 Polaris TX 340 Free Air

Nov. 01, 2005 By ORC STAFF
Ski Doo Everest Justin sent along this note with his pictures:

Here is my 1978 Ski Doo Everest. I spent many long nights fixing it up including a new track and a "snazzy" paint job. It has a 340 twin with single carb, and big old pipes. I've redone everything including fuel lines, pumps, electrical, etc. The seat was perfect, and only needed some waxing. I put on a windshield, dials, etc. Even new skis and an OEM belt. With almost $1000 invested, it emptied the bank but sure looks good.

Polaris TX 340 F/A I also have a 1980 Polaris TX 340 Free Air. Totally original and has never had any work done to it. It even has the original saddle bags. It's always been stored inside, and can beat a lot of the newer 340-440 with a top speed of nearly 75. Unique features only found on the rarest TX out there include the Hydraulic brake, cleated track, fiberglass hood, and mid height windshield. For this year, models only included a 340 and 440 F/A in the TX model. The next year the model was dropped but the engine was built for one more year. I challenge anyone with a newer 340-440 fan cooled sled to a race.

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