Team Rockstar Energy Polaris set to go to Winter X Games

Nov. 30, 2010 By Press Release
Team Rockstar Energy Polaris Racing got off to an excellent start with top-10 finishes at the ISOC snowcross series opener in Duluth, Minnesota, this past weekend. Plenty of snow, frigid weather, and a large spectator turnout made for a hot three days of racing.

Not only did Iain Hayden and his teammate Lee Butler hold their own in the national round, they snared impressive 2-3 results respectively in the all-important Winter X Games qualifying heats.

On Friday, Hayden and Butler, mounted on the potent Rockstar Energy Polaris snowmobiles, went head-to-head against pro riders from across North America looking to make the cut for the Winter X Games, which is scheduled for the end of January in Aspen, CO.

“Although the ISOC tour is not our main focus, Duluth was a crucial weekend for us. We needed a good showing there if we were going to qualify for the X Games. So our first goal of the new season has been met. The Polaris IQ sleds performed flawlessly and Lee and Iain did what they had to do, to make it a successful outing for the team, ” said team manager Adam Robinson.

In Saturday’s Pro Stock National qualifying, Butler blitzed to a fourth place finish in his fist heat. In the process, he grabbed a front row start in the final. Hayden had some trouble getting into the groove in his qualifiers, which saw him having to line up for the LCQ. In his last shot at the final, he had no problem placing his jet-black Polaris into a qualifying spot, finishing second at the checkered flag.

In the final—stacked with 15 qualified riders, all hungry for a win—Hayden and Butler were on the gas. They kept themselves in the top-10 mix crossing the finish line in seventh and 10th place respectively after a grueling race.

In Sunday’s Pro Open class, both Hayden and Butler found themselves in the LCQ this time. Unfortunately, Butler was taken out of action when another rider slammed into him, breaking the IQ’s front shock.

“It was a disappointing end to an otherwise great weekend of racing. My Polaris was running awesome. To get taken out that way was regrettable, as I’m sure I would have made the final,” said Butler.  

Meanwhile, Hayden managed to squeeze through to the final by taking the LCQ win, which gave him first spot in the back row of the starting grid. He kept the hopes of Team Rockstar Energy Polaris alive battling his way from the back row to a ninth place finish.

“This being the first race of the season aboard the new Polaris IQs, I would have to say I’m quite happy with the results. You never really know what to expect at a season opener, but we achieved our objective to qualify for the X Games. The top-ten national results were bonus,” said Hayden.

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