Alticity Retires From DVDs

Feb. 06, 2008 By Press Release
Idaho Falls, ID- 02/05/08 - After eight wonderful years and 10 film releases, Alticity Films is announcing their retirement from producing retail DVD's.  With 7 snowmobile films released under the "Alticity" title and 3 sand riding films released under the "Sand Crusades" title, the company has had a successful run.

When asked why they are closing shop, Alticity Films co-owner Josh Skinner replied, "We are not really closing shop.  We are just not making 'feature length' movies anymore.  Our company has changed directions and we will still be heavily involved in the motorsports industry but it will be with distributing the premium clothing brand, to be Technology. Our decision was easy.  to be Technology is really starting to make a presence in North America and sales are on the up.  Also the snowmobile film market has become flooded with mediocre film making.  Couple that with the slow but inevitable demise of the DVD media format, and it was obvious to us that now is the ideal time to get out and focus on selling clothes."

Skinner also remarked, "We hope to find a spot for our remaining riders with existing film companies, but in the end, it is up to the riders where they go.  We obviously have a bunch of production equipment so we plan to continue filming at leisure and work with great companies like Frontier Films and Dan Gardiner Films.  We have a podcast on iTunes and I look forward to working with that more.  Also, we will use some of our footage in collaboration with Mikael Berntsson of to be Technology, Sweden.  Mikael and I feel that online digital delivery is the future of film distribution and the future is closer than many realize.”
Alticity will release the final Sand Crusades film this spring. 

It will be comprised of new footage Alticity filmed over the last year and also contain some great interviews from riders about their experiences filming the sand series.  Alticity’s final snow film will be released in Fall 2008 and although it won't contain much new footage, it will cover the highlights of the Alticity snow series and be put together in a style similar to the very popular VH1 "Behind the Music" rockumentary series. 

Alticity Films has always been a fairly quiet company in the public eye, but according to Skinner, “we have had our fair share of arguments and fallouts, so don't expect a sugar-coated filtered version of our history.”  The movie will be a two disc collector’s edition style.

Although it is emotional to leave behind a business that has been a huge part of many people’s lives for eight years, Skinner said “We are very thankful for the support we have received over the years and the life-long friendships we have been able to form with many of our sponsors, riders, families, friends, and most importantly fans.  We are grateful to be leaving the film biz with a plan and not unexpectedly.  We honestly feel that our last two films will be our best and will offer something very special to our fans.  Thanks everyone, we had a blast!"

Alticity Films is owned by Josh and Michelle Skinner and operated out of Idaho Falls, ID. Video clips are available on youtube (AlticityFilms),, and on iTunes under Alticity Films.  Josh and Michelle will continue to operate tobe Technology, USA to market and distribute tobe Technology clothing in North America. For more information on tobe visit Newsletter
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