Rugged Ridge All Terrain Floor Liners

Feb. 27, 2015 By Josh Burns
Rugged Ridge’s new All Terrain Floor Liners feature a raised Chevron-style pattern for added traction in your truck or SUV.

Whether you’re an avid off-roader or the occasional weekend warrior, if you have fabric floor liners in your truck or SUV there’s a good chance you and your passengers have trampled them with mud, dirt or snow during a camping or off-roading outing. Fabric floor liners aren’t really cut out for dirty boots and muddy shoes, and over time the material will not only wear but it eventually fades as well.

To stand up to the abuse of every outdoor season, Rugged Ridge’s new line of All Terrain Floor Liners offers a tougher, more durable mat solution. These new liners are available for a most current trucks and SUVs on the market. Instead of offering a one-size-fits-most design, each mat is contoured and designed specifically for the vehicle in which it is intended. Jeep owners will especially appreciate the new mats, as Rugged Ridge offers Jeep Official Licensed liners with a Jeep badge for the CJ7, CJ8, YJ, XJ, ZJ, and WJ. JK liners are available as well but not with Jeep badging.

The All Terrain Floor Liners are available for a number of modern trucks and SUVs, and the liners are offered in black, grey or tan.

For something more durable than our simple fabric floor mats, we decided to check out Rugged Ridge’s new All Terrain Floor Liners for our WJ Grand Cherokee, though we opted for the non-Jeep-badged mats. Each floor liner features a Chevron-shaped traction design that resembles an aggressive tire tread. The liners are constructed using an injection-molded process to create a durable, yet flexible, material. Rugged Ridge uses a 3/8-inch tread on its mats, which the company says is two to three times the height of regular vacuum-formed liners.

Rugged Ridge says the 3/8-inch tread is two to three times taller than more mats on the market.

The taller height of the walls helps keep dirt and debris on the mat, and it also helps contain water or snow from spilling over the sides of the mat.


To help keep snow, water and mud off the vehicle’s flooring, each mat is surrounded with high-perimeter walls to keep any spills or debris contained within the mat. Each mat is finished off with rolled, reinforced edges to provide added strength and durability. To keep the liners securely in place, Rugged Ridge uses a “nibbed design” that features small rubber nibs that help grab a hold of the fabric. The liners also feature floor hook mounts to attach to the stock hook location on the driver’s side, and each is specific to its intended vehicle. For instance, Rugged Ridge offers the new twist-style floor hook for Toyota applications.

The All Terrains feature small nibs that help grab hold of the stock carpet to securely stay in place. Each mat also features floor hook attachments that are specific to each vehicle.

Rugged Ridge offers a variety of options for its mats. For our WJ, All Terrain mats are available for the driver-side and passenger-side flooring, there’s a one-piece mat for the back seat (some vehicles have individual mats for each side), and then a cargo liner for the rear cargo area. There are three color options that include black, tan and grey; we opted for the black to offset the grey-and-black color scheme of our Jeep.

Out with the old and in with the new. We swapped out our cheap fabric mats for Rugged Ridge’s All-Terrain Floor Liners.

We pulled out our fabric liners and swapped in the new Rugged Ridge All Terrains. We were impressed to see how well they fit in our WJ. The front mats contoured nicely to the unique shapes of our Grand Cherokee, and most importantly the patented “deep tread” technology offers far more grip compared to the fabric liners. The high-perimeter walls surrounding the mat will keep mud, dirt and water from getting onto our Jeep’s floor. What’s more, the mats help contain any messes and are easy to remove for cleaning once we get home. They’re also clearly built to stand up to the abuse.

The one-piece rear liners fit like a glove, offering complete protection for the footwell flooring.

We pulled the small fabric liners from our back seat and compared them to the new one-piece Rugged Ridge mat – at first, we had a hard time imagining how this big mat would fit. Sure enough, as we laid it in place, the liner contoured perfectly to the backseat floor of our WJ. We like the fact that it wraps over the center hump in the flooring to provide complete protection for the backseat flooring.

Without a cargo liner, the Jeep's fabric material is all that's left to battle dirt and grime.

The rear cargo liner fits nicely in the back of our WJ.

For the rear cargo area, the new liner is a great addition. Not only does it help protect the fabric flooring, it also provides a non-slip surface for storing cargo. The curved, higher edges will retain any spills, which is especially important when we’re carrying spare motor oil, differential oil and transmission fluid – if that stuff spills on the fabric, good luck getting it out!

The All Terrain rear cargo liner not only helps our gear from sliding around the back, it also will help contain fluid in the event of a spill or contain splinters and other dirt from our adventures.

We’re very pleased with the fit and finish of Rugged Ridge’s new All Terrain Floor Liners. We’ll update our initial review in a few more months, but so far we’re very pleased with the All Terrain mats, and they are a clear upgrade for anyone who currently uses fabric mats and needs something more durable.  For our Grand Cherokee, the pair of driver and passenger front mats are $93.99, while the one-piece rear seat floor liner is another $93.99. The rear cargo liner is $105.99. The full set of the front pair, the one-piece rear and the cargo liner is $268.99. For another example, JK Wrangler owners will be looking at a complete front, rear and cargo set for $243.99. Although the Rugged Ridge All Terrain mats won’t be the cheapest on the market, with the limited lifetime warranty backing their sturdy construction, these mats are worth the money in our opinion.

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