Adios, Rick Sieman: Super Hunky Moves to

Sep. 14, 2016 By Josh Burns

In the nearly 20-year history of, one of the staples of our website has been the wisdom and humor of dirt bike legend Rick ďSuper HunkyĒ Sieman. Sadly for us at Sieman will be moving on, but the good news is heís not going far, as heís settling in at his new home on our sister site

After growing up in Ohio and returning back home after four years in the Navy, Siemanís love of dirt bikes eventually found him moving out to California in the late 1960s. The Rick Sieman we know and love today got his start writing and testing for Dirt Bike Magazine in the early days of the publication. From there, Sieman continued his career in journalism as a dirt bike expert and test rider.

We have been fortunate at to have Sieman as one of our key contributors for many years. Super Hunky served as our dirt bike expert and vintage aficionado, providing insight on repair and upgrades in his Donít Ask columns. He also shared vision for potential vehicle builds and vintage restorations with stories such as his recent Project Lowbucks builds, and he also passed along wisdom and humor with stories about off-road travel to places such as Baja California, where he was a resident for 15 years.

Sieman will continue his Donít Ask column and other features at, so be sure to check out his newest columns on the site: 
Don't Ask: Rick Sieman Answers Your Dirtbike Questions

Super Hunky Answers Your Dirtbike Questions on

Of course if you have any questions for Super Hunky, just shoot them over to [email protected]. Newsletter
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