Project Lowbucks – Suzuki PE175, Part 3

Jul. 09, 2013 By RIck Sieman
Here’s where we left our project bike the last time. The frame has been painted, the real wheel is on and the front end is ready to go.

At the beginning of our Project Lowbucks, we did a complete strip and took the bike all the way down to the bare bones. It’s a good thing we did this, because we found all kinds of things that needed to be fixed, including a rusty swingarm bolt and rear brakes that were corroded beyond belief.

In part two of this project, we took the Suzuki PE175 and start painting and restoring many of the parts. At this point, the bike started looking like a real motorcycle.

For part three, we get real serious about taking all of the funky, old parts and making them look good. Join us now as we wade right in.

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The awful blue color of the gas tank was covered with several good coats of Krylon Sun Yellow, a perfect match for Suzuki colors.

The rear fender got the same treatment as the gas tank. For some reason, it took a lot more paint to get this looking good.

The side panels received a coating of flat black paint on the inside.

Remember that trick we told you about early in the project about saving the various parts in marked plastic bags? Well, this is where that started to pay off. The motor mounts were cleaned and painted and the bolts prepped for reuse.

After the motor was cleaned, we turned it upside down to get the bottom painted first. Black engine enamel was used.

The skid plate was cleaned and given a coating of Krylon metallic aluminum engine enamel. 

The rest of the engine got a final coating of paint.

The skid plate and motor mounts must be put in first before the engine can be installed.

It helps to have a small strip of wood that can be placed underneath the engine to wiggle it around until the motor mount bolts line up.

Here’s the motor all installed and ready to go. Sort of.

The exhaust pipe was sanded to get rid of rust and given a light coat of primer before the final coat of paint.

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