Project Lowbucks – Suzuki PE175, Part 2

Jun. 10, 2013 By Rick Sieman

In the first story of our Project Lowbucks Suzuki PE 175, we started a deep strip and took all the parts completely apart to check for things that weren’t quite right. It’s a good thing we did this, too, as we found the swingarm pivot coated thickly with rust. Luckily, a few minutes on a wire wheel and some carefully applied grease had the swingarm pivot bolt like new.

Join us now as we continue to take things apart and strategically apply some paint where it’s desperately needed.

With the engine out and the swingarm off, the bare frame was placed unceremoniously on top of a trashcan in our driveway.

Some carb and choke cleaner was used to get any excess grease and oil off of the lower frame rails. This stuff works great.

Medium-grit sandpaper was used to remove some of the globs of flat black paint that the previous owner had liberally applied to the frame.

The frame was then hung up in the air to give us free access.

Nothing fancy here. We used gloss black enamel that only cost $.98 per can. You can spend more, but why bother?

The completed frame sure looks a heck of a lot better than that flat black effort.

We did a bit of sanding on the flat black paint on the swingarm to remove the high spots.

A few good coats of Krylon Chrome metallic paint made the swingarm look like new. Cost is about $4 a can.

Our attention was turned to the shocks. While the shafts looked okay, everything was painted that nasty shade of flat black and a lot of paint was on the shafts themselves. We disassembled the shocks first.

Springs were removed in order to get to the body and shaft of the shocks.

Some work with a wire wheel got all the rust off of the metal parts of the body and we were able to remove the paint from the shafts with a bit of lacquer thinner.

Springs were then given a coat of that same paint that we used on the skid plate.

Shocks were then reassembled after the body got a coat of gloss black paint. At this point, they started to look pretty darned good.

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