Yoshimura Announces Camshaft Kit for CRF450R

Sep. 18, 2009 By Press Release
Yoshimura Camshaft for CRF450RChino, Calif. - September 11, 2009 - Yoshimura R&D of America has announced an awesome camshaft for the 2009 Honda CRF450R… get ready to have your arms stretched.

The Yoshimura Camshaft Kit is the hot ticket for getting the most out of your 2009 Honda CRF450R.Yoshimura R&D of America billet Motocross camshafts are designed here in the USA and then manufactured at Yoshimura Japan to exacting standards. Yoshimura cams feature the perfect balance of power, efficiency, and reliability.

The key though is the performance! Yoshimura is famous for producing cams that flat out rip. This new Honda cam is no different. Most Yoshimura camshafts are designed in conjunction with our racing efforts, and in turn the design gets passed down to our customers for the best power gains. This new CRF450R cam produces big power all the way across the board.

R&D designed the CRF450R camshaft with a potent curve featuring BIG mid to top-end power and a ton of torque. This means that when you whack open the throttle, you'll get a big hit off the bottom and a huge boost in top end.

Can you say…"Holeshot?"

Yoshimura's camshafts are CNC machine ground from the absolute finest quality Billet Bar Stock material for the highest degree of strength and precision. After the blanks are machined to size, they are sent to Yoshimura Japan for special metallurgical treatments. The next steps are grinding to absolute specifications, checking meticulously for accuracy, and finally heat-treating the finished camshafts for lasting performance. After final approval, they are sent back to Yoshimura USA for final packaging and sale.

Part Number: 2257-CS-KIT
MSRP: $499.95
Available Oct 15, 2009



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