Yamaha Reveals Two New Bikes for 2010

Sep. 12, 2009 By Press Release
Yamaha has introduced two radically revised off-road motorcycles for 2010. Both units are scheduled to be in dealerships this month.

Yamaha YZ450FYZ450F

$8,090 (White/Red)
$7,990 (Team Yamaha Blue/White)

Revisions made to the YZ450F for 2010 include a new rearward-slanted cylinder to aid optimum mass centralization and power output; new fuel injection system; a new Bilateral Beam frame; and revamped styling that includes updates to the front and rear fenders, intake cover, front fork protector, and number plate, along with the fuel tank and seat. Finally, an optional GYTR Power Tuner lets bike tuners adjust air/fuel mixture and ignition timing maps to match engine performance characteristics to the rider and track conditions.

Yamaha YZ250FYZ250F

$7,090 (White/Red)
$6,990 (Team Yamaha Blue/White)

Updates to the YZ250F include a more compact Bilateral Beam frame specific to the 250; an optimized engine delivering more power in low-to-midrange; a newly designed exhaust system; recalibrations to the KYB suspension; a new clutch with a wider engagement range; and new styling.

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