Custom suspension now available for the Kawasaki KLR650 models

Jun. 25, 2009 By Race Tech
Race Tech has recently released custom suspension settings for the 2007-09 Kawasaki KLR650 models. A Fork Emulator Gold Valve Kit (FEGV 3801) and HP Fork Springs (FRSP 3055xx Series) are now available for the forks. Race Tech's all-new G3-S Custom Shock is also available to replace the non-rebuilable OEM shock. Race Tech's Digital Valving System (DVS) determines custom settings and personal spring rate options for each individual rider. In addition, Race Tech has a Lowering Service for the KLR for those with a short inseam.

Race Tech's fork upgrades convert the old school style damping rod forks to state-of-art and will enhance the handling and control of the KLR. The KLR650 fork system is under sprung for the majority riders and makes the bike suffer from weak damping. Race Tech's HP Springs are available in .38, .43, and .48kg/mm for a light, medium and heavy option.

Race Tech's G3-S Custom Series Shocks are custom made for each rider. All G3-S Custom Series Shocks come with a Shock Gold Valve, HP Spring, Large Diameter Shock Shaft, Aircraft Grade Aluminum, Stainless Steel Bearings and Low Friction Seals and Fluids. The custom valve settings, personal spring rates and many tuning adjustment options allow the rider to select the features and benefits of the shock that are important to their riding. For the KLR650, the G3-S Shock is emulsion style only, without rebound adjusters.

The (FEGV 3801) Gold Valve Emulator Kit retails for $169.99.

The (FRSP 3055xx Series) Fork Spring Kits retail for $109.99.

The G3-S Custom Shock (RSSKA-03ERN) retails for $749.99.

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