Kawasaki Announces Updated 2014 KX85 and KX100 Dirt Bikes

Jul. 08, 2013 By Josh Burns, Photos Courtesy of Kawasaki
The 2014 KX85 (shown) and KX100 both recieve their fair share of updates for the new model year.

Kawasaki announced updates to its larger dirt bikes in the KX250F and KX450F last month, but the young dirt bike rider also has things to look forward to in 2014, as the company just released the information on its updated KX85 and KX100 today. There’s more power on tap, redesigned suspension, ergonomics and more for the 2014 KX85 and KX100, giving riders more adjustability and capability in the two updated models.

A larger crankshaft is found on both the KX85 and KX100 for 2014.

For 2014, the KX85 gets an update to its 85cc two-stroke engine that Kawasaki says will increase peak output by 20 percent. The low-end and midrange torque are the areas of the powerband seeing the greatest improvement over the previous powerplant. To achieve these gains, Kawasaki installed a smaller squish band with a narrower angle and shallower combustion chamber, while a new cylinder head gasket with a 1mm increase in bore surface height that is held in place by an additional dowel pin to increase engine reliability and help prevent detonation. A larger exhaust port is fitted on the KX85’s two-stroke engine to improve flow and increase peak power at WOT (wide-open throttle). A new piston with only one ring is also fitted into the Nikasil-plated cylinder to reduce wall friction for improved response.

The previous two-ring piston (left) is replaced with a single-ring piston to reduce friction on the KX85 and KX100 for 2014.

To complement the changes in the engine, Kawasaki also tweaked the settings on the 28mm Keihin PWK carburetor that moves the needle closer to the intake ports for improved fuel delivery and atomization. The KX85 also receives updates to its Kawasaki Integrated Power-Vavle-System (KIPS) that includes independent slider valves for each port to replace the previous three-piece design to reduce maintenance and improve reliability.

Independent sliders are now employed on the KIPS for the KX85 and KX100.

Further improvements for the KX85 include a larger 83mm crankshaft (2mm larger than the previous model), which features an added resin block that closes the gap around the machines area of the crank pin to improve durability and rigidity. A new radiator increases the KX85’s cooling capacity by roughly 52 percent.

The new KYB reservoir shock on the rear of the KX85 and KX100 is 150 grams lighter than the previous version.

The KX85 features a new Uni-Trak KYB reservoir shock in the rear that is black-anodized aluminum for a sleak appearance. This body is said to be 150 grams lighter than the previous shock, and suspension damping is said to be quicker and easier due to a new clicker-type adjuster. Up front, retuned KYB 36mm inverted forks now feature shim-type valving and firmer damping to improve bottoming resistance and a wider range for adjustability for riding styles or different track conditions.

New handlebars are found on the 2014 KX85 and KX100, and they are adjustable to six different positions for ideal comfort.

New petal-type brakes are found on the KX85, and the front brake hose is now routed behind the axle for improved protection through hose guides that are just like those found on larger KX bikes. The KX85 also gets new tires in the form of Dunlop Geomax MX51 intermediate tires.

New shim-type valving on the 36mm front forks allows for more precise fine-tuning of the suspension.

Kawasaki engineers also reinforced the high-tensile steel perimeter, while the seat height is actually .4 inches lower than the previous model to “best fit a wide variety of growing inseams,” according to Kawasaki. Taller and wider handlebars are fitted on the 2014 KX85, as are new three-position handlebar riders and a two-position handlebar clamp that offers a total of six different positions. Exterior updates to the KX85 include a fuel tank with a 20mm lower fuel cap, slim radiator covers and side panels, and a flatter two-tone seat that features a seamless cover and gripper material to expand cockpit room and increase rider comfort. The 2014 KX85 also receives updates that make it more like the larger KX models, such as a new angular front fender, number plate and white rear fender.

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