Husqvarna Introduces 2015 Models

Jul. 01, 2014 By Josh Burns, Photos Courtesy of Husqvarna
2015 FC 450 Husqvarna

Husqvarna Motorcycles recently announced its 2015 model line. Heading into the new model year, Husqvarna has updated many of its new models with updates that can at least partially be credited to its partnership with sister brand KTM, specifically in regards to its suspension hardware. Husqvarna’s motocross bikes return for 2015 with a mix of both two-stroke and four-stroke machines.

According to Husqvarna Motorcycles GmbH Managing Director Reinhold Zens, Husqvarna Motorcycles prides itself on offering premium products to the off-road market.

“Through the efforts of Husqvarna’s Factory Racing teams in motocross, enduro and from 2015 also Supercross, we are able to constantly develop and improve our products at the highest levels possible to ensure our customer base receives the most reliable and quality driven motorcycles possible,” Zens said. “With chromium molybdenum steel frames, poylamide rear subframes, engines with peak performances in all displacements, the state-of-the-art WP 4CS front fork and rear suspension linkage on all of the enduro range, Husqvarna will remain at the top of the class with its MY15 range.”

To keep the two-stroke motocross lovers in the mix, Husqvarna offers its TC 85, TC 125 and TC250 models for 2015. Of course, the four-stroke fans will also have plenty to choose from with its FC 250, FC 350 and FC 450. One of the biggest updates for the 2015 Husqvarna motocross models is a new, fully adjustable WP 4CS fork that features revised damping specs designed specifically for motocross use.

Husqvarna also provides a new 22mm front axle is 4mm smaller in diameter than the previous model and is also 2mm farther back in the axle clamp. This change is designed to add an extra measure of stability via slightly increased trail. In the rear Husqvarna features a fully adjustable WP piggyback reservoir shock with 4mm more stroke while providing the same overall rear travel. Out back, the rear suspension also gets revised linkage geometry. A new clutch basket and spring design is found on the FC 250 and FC 350 that are mostly changed to reduce a few grams of rotating weight for livelier engine response. On the weight-saving front, the TC 85 also receives a lighter swingarm.

2015 Husqvarna TC 125

Here are the main updates on the motocross line:
Husqvarna’ TC 85 mini-motocrosser will have a new, lighter swingarm for 2015.
-New WP 4CS fork has been specifically designed for motocross with improved damping
-New 22mm front axle reduces unsprung weight and increases stability, front-end feedback
-New linkage geometry features optimized rising rate and reduced weight
-New shock with 4 mm more stroke and new settings
-New clutch basket and springs on the FC 250 and FC 350 saves weight and improves consistency
-New lighter swingarm on the TC 85
-New fork protectors easier to replace and maintain
-New handguards for better impact resistance
-New graphics that differentiate the motocross models from the enduro models
-New Neken handlebar and bar pad

2015 Husqvarna FE 250

With seven different models in its 2015 Enduro line, which begins with the TE 125 two-stroke and culminating with the big-bore FE 501 four-stroke, Husqvarna feels it has the weekend warrior as well as the die-hard racer covered. Every 2015 enduro model receives a new headlight and front fender, though the biggest improvement is probably the new WP 4CS closed cartridge front fork.

On the two-stroke models, Husqvarna revised the carburetor and power valve settings for improved power delivery. The TE 250 and TE 300 also receive a lighter, more efficient 3Ah battery and a lightened clutch basket and spring design. The FE 250 gets a new sixth gear that is taller than the previous model.

2015 Husqvarna TE 300

Here are the improvements of the 2015 Enduro line:
-New headlight
-Same front fender as the motocross bikes for easier mounting
-New CNC machined triple clamps adapted to the new front fender
-All models feature the advanced WP 4CS closed cartridge front fork with four separate chambers
-New clutch basket and springs on the FE 250 and FE 350 saves weight and improves consistency
-The FE 250 features a longer sixth gear
-New carburetor setting on the TE125, intended for smoother power delivery
-New power valve and carburetor setting on the TE 250, intended for smoother power delivery
-New shorter gearing on TE 250 and TE 300 electric starter provides more torque for easier starting
-Both TE 250 and TE 300 feature a new, lighter, more efficient 3Ah battery

The new Husqvarnas will be available from all authorized Husqvarna Motorcycles dealers beginning in July 2014. For more information, contact your local Husqvarna dealer or visit Newsletter
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