Debunking the myth about CamelBak!

Jul. 01, 2000 By ORC STAFF


CamelBak the maker of the most popular hands free drink systems among Dirt-bikers has been unjustly branded as anti-dirt-biker!  Apparently the Internet generated rumors that CamelBak supports environmental extremists that want to put an end to off-road motorcycling started in 1997, on one of the usenet newsgroups.  CamelBak has been trying to defend themselves against this untruth, but without much success.  Then to make matters worse for CamelBak the in-print magazine Dirt Bike continued the falsehood by printing these damaging remarks in the June 2000 issue of "Dirt Bike".


"Did you know that Camelback contributes profits to eco-extremist groups actively trying to ban OHV use on public lands? That's why Scott Summers developed the $100 SRC Vital Drink System, a three-quart hydration backpack, and contributes profits from each unit sold to the AMA trail fund."


One would think that Dirt Bike would check facts before printing something that could damage a company's good name.  Dirt Bike might not take the time to check things out but Greg Evans a newsgroup user did!  We saw Greg's post and being that we like to check things out for ourselves, contacted CamelBak and ran them threw the ringer on this topic. 


1.  Does CamelBak support extremists that would want to put an end to off-road motorcycling?

"No. CamelBak does not contribute to any *eco-extremist groups*, as Dirt Bike erroneously reported in the June issue.  We support responsible recreational land management for all users, whether you prefer to get your kicks on a dirt bike, mountain bike, or on foot."


 2.  Can you tell us what groups CamelBak financially supports?


"CamelBak does not directly financially sponsor any groups. Through a discounted product donation, CamelBak supports the Professional Ski Instructors of America, the National Ski Patrol, the American Association of Snowboard Instructors, and the International Mountain Biking Assoc.  All of these groups, you will notice, depend upon open access to public lands to exist."

3.  Would you provide us with a list of charitable contributions for

"Easy. There aren't any."


4. Is there anything you would like to say to the off-road motorcycling community?


"Moto-cross riders were one of the first groups to embrace hands-free hydration and they are an important part of CamelBak's legacy.   CamelBak never has and never will make donations to any group that wants to discriminate."


5. Your website has no mention or images of any motorized users of the CamelBak drink system, why is that?


"That is a good question. CamelBak has one photographer on retainer. He specializes in mountain bike, ski/board, and outdoor photos.  If you know of any MX photographers who are interested in working with CamelBak, have them
contact me"


There you have it, CamelBak clearly says that they do not support groups in any way that want to put an end to our sport.  In fact, they want the same thing we do at ORC, responsible multi user use.  Hopefully the facts about CamelBak spread as quickly and widely as the lies did!  We need to support companies that share our thoughts on land use.  So I'd urge you to purchase a CamelBak drink system the next time you're looking to buy a hands free drink system.


 Now to do a little Monday morning quarterbacking: here's my opinion on how the rumor got started...  CamelBak advertised in the Sierra Club's magazine.  This in turn caused someone to jump the gun and say they must support the Sierra Club.  From there the ball was rolling and the whole thing turned into a huge mess for the CamelBak PR department.  Let's face it gang, CamelBak is in business to sell drink systems.  Even though we despise the Sierra Club due to their efforts to close riding areas.  It's not CamelBak's fault that these folks use their product.


One could only imagine the spin Dirt Bike will put on this.  No need to buy the magazine, if they do indeed print a retraction that's worth repeating we let you know right here on the Internet for free. Newsletter
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