American Beta Announces 2014 Evo Factory Editions

Mar. 20, 2014 By Josh Burns, Photos Courtesy of American Beta
The new 2014 Beta Evo Factory Edition

American Beta recently announced its 2014 lineup of Evo Factory editions. The Evo Factory bike is essentialy a replica of the bikes its team riders use in national and international competitions, albeit with different engine options. Considering Beta took home the 125 world title and World Pro third place in 2013, the Italian brand has great confidence in the bikes it produces.

The Evo Factory bikes are designed at the Tuscan R&D department, which allows the design team to gather the first-hand experience and knowledge from its team riders directly. Beta says the engine and chassis were designed to maximize a smooth ride while providing a responsive feel. The Evo Factory model is available in three engines sizes that include 125cc ($7799), 250cc ($8299), and 300cc ($8499), with the options designed to cater to both the expert rider and beginner still learning the ropes. 

A longer silencer is fitted on the 250cc and 300cc versions, though every model features a new titanium exhaust manifold for 2014.

Pick Your Power
Regardless of which motor is employed, Beta put great care into building the powerplant for the Evo Factory bikes. For instance, the magnesium crankcase used will provide a weight reduction of 3.3 pounds to offer improved handling without sacrificing durability. The bikes will also benefit from a new ignition designed to provide more electrical power for different items, such as the electrical fan, as it will be able to more efficiently ensure stable operating temperatures for ideal engine performance. Beta also notes its mounts the ignition in the reverse direction of most bikes to provide smoother performance by moving the rotating masses to be centered at the center of the flywheel and closer to the crankshaft. A new magnesium flywheel cover functions as a stator support and has a gasket to ensure a water-tight seal.

Beta will rely on a 22/69 ratio primary drive to allow a decrease in the torque transmitted to the clutch. Beta notes that this also allows the rider the choice between two spring preloads by selecting the spacer mount direction. Beta says the special clutch discs are designed to provide smooth and precise operation of the lever. Beta also provided a few design cues, such as the red-anodized aluminum fuel fill cap, red silicon cooling system hoses, as well as a black clutch and stator cover to provide the complete "factory" look.

Built for Climbing
For the chassis on the Evo Factory editions, Beta says great effort went into the suspension to improve performance. Among the changes are new front fork tubes that are shorter and better designed to fit the new black, CNC-machined yokes that a 100 grams lighter than the previous version. Beta also says the internal cartridge and CNC-machined adjuster caps have been lightened as well.

The rear mono shock on the Evo Factory's chassis is equipped with a new yellow spring that is lighter. The new spring also features a new ring assembly with a plastic containment spacer for less friction. Beta also made some updates to the front braking system as well, as it is now equipped with a new lighter Braktec master cylinder, which is paired on the other end with a new clutch master cylinder, both of which blend with the new frame color. The white frame is paired with Factory-styled graphics that feature a mixture of red, white and blue.

A new master cylinder helps provide stopping power to the front brakes on the new Evo Factory models.

For the 250cc and 300cc versions, Beta installed a new, longer silencer to "guarantee better sound characteristics and to work with the manifold to provide better handling and riding precision." All three different engine options include a new titanium exhaust manifold for 2014, which Beta says will provide increased low-end torque on the 250cc and 300cc versions.
American Beta says the new Evo Factory editions will be available the first of April, and they are also available for order through American Beta's exclusive BYOB (Build Your Own Beta) program now. For more information, visit Newsletter
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