American Beta Announces 2014 RR Dirt Bikes

Jul. 11, 2013 By Josh Burns
Beta will offer two two-stroke models in 2014 that receive a number of updates but retain 2013 pricing.

American Beta recently announced its 2014 RR models, as the Italian company celebrates its 110th birthday this model year and is celebrating the mark by offering an improved off-road lineup.

Each bike in its lineup received updates to the chassis and engine to improve the "Rideability" of each bike. Beta will offer six models for 2014, which includes two two-strokes and four four-stroke models. Of the two-stroke models, Beta will feature updated versions of the 250 and 300 RR models. The bikes return with features such as full rear suspension linkage, front and rear lights, full skid plate, FMF plated exhaust with an FMF muffler, extra front number plate to replace the headlight, Nissin brakes with stainless steel wave rotors, electric start and a backup kick starter.

The improvements on the 250 and 300 RR models mainly focus on suspension refinement. Beta made adjustments to the front fork, which now has a smaller inner cartridge as well as updated compression and rebound pistons to improve the oil flow. Beta also tweaked the valving for improvement over square-edge hits, and Beta also updated the top fork cap to make spring changes easier. Beta is also using a new oil in the forks to compliment the changes. At the rear of the two-strokes Beta reshaped the rebound adjuster to allow for a more precise adjustment. The shock also gets updates to the valving as well as a rear spring (5.2 kg).

Beta explains the updates to the frames for 2014: As shown in the diagram, the frame areas that are in light blue or yellow are the heaviest impacted under extreme conditions. These areas are normally red in color under heavy impacts however the Beta engineering team has reduced all the areas to a yellow or light blue.

Beta also updated the frame on the two-stroke models by reducing stress to the heavy weighted areas. Beta engineers say the adjustments account for roughly a 20% reduction of stress to the frame, which ultimately translates to less feedback to the rider, making the bike easier to ride and control.

The fuel tank is now larger, moving from two gallons to a 2.5 gallon for increased range. Beta also make the tank clear so its easier to fill and see the level. Other changes for 2014 includes a new front fender to provides better rider protection. The seat base is also redesigned for a better fit to the frame and to provide a more comfortable ride for the rider.

A larger fuel tank provides extended range, while the newly designed front fender will protect the rider better from dirt and debris.

Beta also added a new oil check plug for the clutch cover on the 2014 two-strokes, making it easier to check the clutch and transmission oil. The company also added a new power valve mechanism on the 250 RR that provides improved low end performance and a smoother transition throughout the power range. For improved stopping power, Beta also fitted the bikes with new brake disks that have an improved heat treatment for more durability.
The bikes will return in 2014 for the same price as last year, as both the 250 and 300 RR will be offered at $7999.00.
Beta will offer four four-stroke RR models in 2014.

The 2014 Beta four-stroke models also received the same updates as the two-strokes with suspension, as well as the same updates to reduce stress on the frame. All of the RR four-stroke models including the 350 RR, 400 RR, 450 RR, 498 RR also receive the updated front fender found on the two-strokes as well as the new seat base.  
Beta also made updates to the four-stroke engines for 2014, using a new countershaft as well as a new heat-treating process with more durable bearings. Beta also says the shift drum has been modified to improve shifting. The 350 RR specifically receives a new piston with an updated profile as well as additional lubrication holes to increase reliability.  

A new shift drum is found on the four-strokes for 2014 (right), while the 350 RR specifically gets a new piston with an updated profile.
Prices for the 2014 Beta RR Models
2 Stroke:

250 RR            $7999.00
300 RR            $7999.00
4 Stroke:
350 RR            $8999.00
400 RR            $8999.00
450 RR            $9199.00
498 RR            $9399.00
Beta notes the 2014 models will be available in August.  There will also be more news coming down the pipe from the Beta team, as the 2014 RS Dual Sport Line will be announced in the next month. For more information, go to Newsletter
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