2011 Beta Motorcycles Lineup Announced

Dec. 01, 2010 By Press Release
2011 Beta 450RRFor 2011, the Italian manufacturer announced 20 new models for the motocross, enduro and dual sport realms. The RR enduro models receive significant updates for 2011, as does the Evo line of trials bikes. All new for 2011 are the RS line of dual sport motorcycles (produced exclusively for the U.S. market) and the Mini MX play bikes.

400/450/520 RR
The flagship of Beta Motorcycles remains to be the RR line of four-stroke enduro bikes. For 2011 there are three sizes – the 400, 450 and 520 RR models. All three machines share the same size chassis and engine platform and all three also share the same upgrades for the ’11 model year.

Last year the 2010 Beta RR  featured the new four-stroke power plant that will return for 2011with a few refinements The 2011 RR motors (400/450/520) get a quieter cam chain tensioner, improved electric starting and new clutch components. All three RR machines also have a less demanding maintenance schedule thanks to improved durability. Improved electric starter gear ratios and DLC-coated components create less friction and provide quicker starts. A new clutch basket and anti-judder spring improve reliability and provide smoother operation. The 450 and 520 receive a new piston profile for less friction.
Other key features of the Beta power plant include a four-valve head designed with F1 racing-inspired “finger” followers which give the bike huge amounts of overrev while the heavy flywheel puts the low-end torque to the ground. The resulting combination creates a power delivery that feels like a motocross motor on the top and yet churns out amazing steady power on the bottom.

The RR chassis also boasts several key updates including a revised frame sporting a red color – a throwback to the ‘70s Betas – and an added head stay. Also new are the 50mm Marzocchi Shiver fork tubes (up from 45mm in 2010) which reduces flex without being harsh. The upper and lower triple clamps are also both new for 2011; they are lighter than before and now come in a silver finish. The upper still provides the adjustable bar mounts which allow for six different bar positions.

The onboard digital meter is new and now includes an hour meter to keep track of service intervals. The new clutch components are topped off with an improved clutch lever and a rubber boot for added protection. The controls are also upgraded with a stronger rear brake pedal.

2011 RSBeta’s entire line of RR motorcycles come equipped with a USFS-approved quiet spark arrestor and all three are California green-sticker legal.

2011 RS Dual-Sport
Beta is proud to introduce the all-new 2011 RS model! Based on the 2010 RR model, the ’11 RS motorcycles are 50-state street legal dual-sport bikes produced exclusively for the United States market.

The RS is available in 400, 450 and 520cc four-stroke displacements. The RS is powered by the all-Beta, four-valve, twin-cam motor and features a six-speed wide ratio transmission. The RS features all the same great amenities as the 2010 RR including a new digital meter, high output lights, and of course, those turn signals and side-view mirrors needed for traversing the pavement.

The RS will also be available in a Supermoto (RS-sm) option. Like the RS, the RS-sm is all-new for 2011, based off the 2010 RR model. It comes equipped with 17-inch wheels shod with street tires rather than knobbies. The RS-sm is available as a kit for the 400, 450 and 520 models, and adds $100 on top of the RS price.

Mini MX
Another all-new line for Beta in 2011 is the Mini MX. The 50cc air-cooled, two-stroke play bike is available in two sizes – 10-inch and 12-inch rear wheel. The 50 R10 (smaller version) is recommended for kids age four to seven years old, while the 50 R12 (12-inch rear and 15-inch front wheel version) is built for ages eight through 12.
The Beta 50 R10 and 50 R12 are entry-level play bikes—not race bikes. The single-speed automatic transmission makes the Beta 50 a durable, low maintenance and easy to ride bike for kids who are still learning.

Youth Trial, Evo 125/200/250/290 and Evo 250/300 4-stroke
Beta hopes to remain a force in trials competition. Its line of Youth Trial and Evo motorcycles receive a fair share of upgrades for 2011.

Not much has changed on the Minitrial 50 and the Evo 80 Jr except for the price! Even lower than last year’s MSRPs, this year’s machines offer the same great performance for little cross-trainers at an even lower price. The Evo 80 Sr. remains the best selling youth trials bike on the market, and it too now comes with a lower sticker price.

2011 Beta Evo Trails BikeThe Evo 125/200/250 and 290 models share a host of changes for the new model year including a new engine position for improved handling and climbing ability, new transmission gear profiles for easier shifting, and stronger head stay brackets for less vibration from the motor. The new rear wheel assembly is over one pound lighter and does away with the rim strip. The shock spring is stiffer for an improved feel, and the new rear brake master cylinder with built-in reservoir is more compact. At the controls the new clutch and brake levers make for a better feel, as does the lower handlebar position.

The Evo 250 and 300 four-stroke models share the same list of changes with their camless counterparts. The only other thing to change on Beta’s trials thumpers is the lower price from the 2010 models.

The larger-bore two-stroke Evo models – the 250 and 290 machines – also receive a redesigned exhaust manifold which not only help them shed some weight, but also provide smoother power delivery.

The 2011 Evo 125 has a further list of upgrades for the new model year including a redesigned crankshaft and piston to provide more power and less vibration. The new powerplant also receives a lighter flywheel for a quicker-revving feel. Revised ignition timing and a new silencer accompany the engine upgrades to provide improved torque and bigger horsepower. Beta’s entire line of Evo motorcycles also sport new colors including a striking grey frame and white plastics.

About Beta
All Beta motorcycles are handcrafted in Florence, Italy, and come with a limited six-month warranty (one year limited warranty for RS models). With a winning history in the trials bike market, Beta shares its engineering skills with the off-road division offering customers more performance as well as Italian design that is second to none. There are over 40 accessories available for the new Betas including an FMF Spark arrestor, Enduro Engineering hand guards, cooling fan kit, radiator guards, red anodized engine plugs, carbon/Kevlar skid plate, ignition map switch, racing decals and much more.

For more information on Beta Motorcycles and accessories, visit http://www.americanbeta.com/


400 RR $8399
450 RR $8499
520 RR $8599
400 RS $8699
450 RS $8799
520 RS $8899
400 RS-sm $8799
450 RS-sm $8899
520 RS-sm $8999
R10 Mini MX $1999
R12 Mini MX $2299
Minitrial 50 $2499
Evo 80 Jr. $3999
Evo 80 Sr. $4599
Evo 125 $6599
Evo 200 $6799
Evo 250 $7199
Evo 290 $7399
Evo 250 4-Stroke $7999
Evo 300 4-Stroke $8499

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