Project Samurai, Part 4: Engine, Fabrication Work and More

Jul. 12, 2012 By Rick Sieman

After the third part of our build, it was time to break out some serious tools to build the wheel wells to incorporate the rear shock mounts.

Once the cage and the wheel wells were completed, the cage was removed and sent to Vyne Powdercoat in Mesa, AZ. The body was removed from the frame and Dominion Sure Seal's quality line of products were used to undercoat and seal all the seams of the vehicle.

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We first applied Seam Sealer to all of the seams and the Gator Guard undercoating was sprayed on. It gives a tough textured surface that not only looks good but is also chemical resistant. While the body was off, we painted interior parts, allowing the cage to be reinstalled for the last time.  

Troy Salisberry was the machinist for this build. Working on a manual lathe and mill, an extraordinary amount of time went into building the engine plate. Troy was also the builder/fabricator of the Y-bar and link bars on the suspension of the project. We could not have done the project without his skill and support. A genuine thanks is needed here.

The plate that Troy fabricated allowed us to get rid of all of the German accessories, incorporating the motor mounts into the engine plate, enabling us to put two Howe Performance steering pumps on this motor along with a late model GM alternator and A/C.  The time and craftsmanship that went into the building of this engine plate is incredible. 

The turbo and cam came from KermaTDI. We received help from Levi, a technician from our local VW dealership. He had the special tools and knowledge needed for the cam, injector pump and timing belt. We then installed the cam, lifters, timing belt and turbo, making this ordinary 1.9L TDI into a fire-breathing dragon.

More than 300 foot pounds of torque and 220 HP will require a high-quality fuel pump, which is why we turned to FASS. Their fuel pumps are very important to any diesel, stock or built. It gives you a big gain in fuel mileage and will handle the performance end as well. It's worth taking the time to go on their website and understand how it removes the air from the fuel and the performance gains. This motor is supposed to redline at 5000 rpm.

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