Wheatland Winners: Lucas Oil Off-Road Race Recap Rounds 7 and 8

An all-new track delivers thrills and great racing

Jul. 25, 2017 By Stephen Elmer. Photos by BinkDesign.com

The Lucas Oil Off Road Racing Series (LOORS) took to an all-new track over the weekend in Wheatland, MO, to pit metal-against-metal on a hot muggy day.

Wheatland is the longest course on the calendar, packing more corners than any other race all year. There are nine corners, big jumps, a rhythm section and a solid mix of fast and slow spots.

Pro 4 Unlimited

Carl Renezeder

In round seven Pro 4 Unlimited action, Carl Renezeder fought off Rob MacCachren to take home the win, with Bradley Morris coming in third, Doug Fortin in fourth and Chad Hord in fifth.

The next day in round eight, things go wild on track, with plenty of lead changes and cautions. A yellow came out before the last lap thanks to Doug Fortin rolling his truck, leading to a last lap shootout. Doug Mittag took off from the flag and never looked back, taking his very first Pro 4 Unlimited win. A four way battle for second came in behind him, led by MacCachren, followed by Chad Hord, Renezeder and Doug Fortin.

Rob MacCachren

A black flag was given to Renezeder for earlier contact in the race, sending him back to eighth, which moved Adrian Cenni to fifth and Fortin up to fourth. 

Pro 2 Unlimited

Brian Deegan

In Pro 2, Brian Deegan took home his second win of the season, followed by RJ Anderson, Jeremy McGrath, Rob MacCachren and Patrick Clark.

On the second day in round eight, Rodrigo Ampudia has a scary crash sending him end over end while Jeremy McGrath raced to the win. Behind him was Jerett Brooks, Kyle Hart, Bradley Morris and Adan Daffner. 

Jeremy McGrath

Pro LITE Unlimited

Jerett Brooks

In the smaller Pro LITEs, Jerett Brooks took home the win in front of Brock Heger with Cole Mamer rounding out the podium.

In round eight, Brandon Arthur got the win in front of Hailie Deegan, who crossed the line with an engine spitting flames just about to die. In third was Ryan Beat.

Pro Buggy Unlimited

Elliott Watson

Elliott Watson, who grabbed the lead straight away, took home the win in round seven. Darren Hardesty Jr. came in second while Sterling Cling rounds it out in third.

On the second day, Hardesty Jr. battled to take the win followed by Cling and Broc Dickerson.

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