Speed Energy SST Trucks Take Flight at Coronado Speed Festival

Sep. 23, 2014 By Jaime Hernandez

After delivering two exciting days of racing action at the Sand Sports Super Show for Rounds 12 & 13, the Speed Energy Stadium Super Trucks presented by Traxxas packed it up and made tracks down to San Diego. Round 14 ran in conjunction with the annual Speed Festival held on Naval Base Coronado.

U.S. Navy Sikorsky SH-60B Seahawk helicopter on display during Coronado Speed Festival in San Diego, CA.

It was a gorgeous day on the island, with blue skies and a light breeze. The grand stands were packed and race conditions were perfect for flight. Surrounded by numerous exotic sport and vintage racecars, military aircraft, warships and tactical vehicles, the SST racers stood out nicely. 

Eleven Stadium Super Trucks racers made it out to Coronado for Round 14. Here’s who took the starting line:

#3 Charles Dorrance
#5 Scotty Steele
#7 Robby Gordon
#13 Nick Vanis
#18 Apdaly Lopez
#19 EJ Viso
#50 Burt Jenner
#55 Gavin Harlien
#74 Sheldon Creed
#77 Jerett Brooks
#87 David Royce

Charles Dorrance and team put together a special air wing design for the truck, driving all the military members and families in the crowd wild as it took flight on the jumps and whizzed around corners at Naval Base Coronado.

The day kicked off with race #1 and a number of perplexed auto aficionados at the Speed Festival. Most of these chaps were here to see Porsche, Ferrari and Trans-Am racing. It didn’t take long before the sound of rich horsepower, screeching tires and revved up off-road trucks won the crowd over. Highflying action took them by surprise, adding even more thrills to the event. Former IndyCar driver EJ Viso took the win for the first race, Sheldon Creed was second, and Scotty Steele finished in third.

EJ Viso moved to the front of the pack on Sunday, winning the first race of the day. It was a great improvement after a tough eleventh-place finish on Saturday night during Round 13 of the Speed Energy Stadium Super Trucks presented by Traxxas.

For the main event, race #2, the field was inverted, putting the top two rows at the back.  Viso and Gordon brought up the rear, as Scotty Steele took the lead in the first lap.  After running five laps on the 1.7-mile racecourse, the caution flag slowed down the track, putting the trucks back in a tight formation an exciting finish. As part of the final five laps, an optional “Joker Lane” shortcut was added to allow racers to catapult to the front. The only catch is that it can only be used once.  BJ Baldwin learned the hard way during Round 13 when he fell from third to seventh after being penalized for using the “Joker Lane” twice.

After falling short to Keegan Kincaid in Round 13, Gordon was out to regain the top spot on Sunday during Round 14 in his Speed Energy SST truck.

As soon as the caution flag was dropped, Gordon used his “Joker Lane” pass, quickly moving to the front. Now battling it out with San Diego’s Sheldon Creed in the #74 Traxxas truck and Round 13 winner Keegan Kincaid, the final laps of the race became very fast and full of excitement.

Numerous passes were made on the back straightaway, with trucks jockeying for position through the turns and chicanes. Massive jumps across the grandstands and plenty of side-by-side action kept the race intriguing for the crowd.

In the end, Robby Gordon took the win for the second race. Sheldon Creed finished in second place just behind Gordon, while Keegan Kincaid rounded out the podium in third  Robby Gordon also took the overall win for Round 14 at Coronado. 

Round 15, the final race of the 2014 season, takes place in Las Vegas on November 7, 2014. For more information, visit StadiumSuperTrucks.com.

Official Results from Round 14 of Stadium Super Trucks presented by Traxxas race at Coronado Speed Festival
1. Robby Gordon
2. Sheldon Creed
3. Keegan Kincaid
4. Burt Jenner
5. EJ Viso
6. Apdaly Lopez
7. Scotty Steele
8. David Royce
9. Charles Dorrance
10. Nick Vanis
11. Bruce Canepa

SST Flyby -- Following the final race, Gordon and Creed did a victory lap on 2-wheels, with young gun Creed keeping his truck sideways almost the entire track length.

Official Results from Round 13 of Stadium Super Trucks presented by Traxxas race at the Sand Sports Super Show
1. Keegan Kincaid
2. Robby Gordon
3. Scotty Steele
4. PJ Jones
5. Aaron Bambach
6. Nick Vanis
7. BJ Baldwin (Joker lane violation..3rd placed 7th)
8. Apdaly Lopez
9. Charles Dorrance
10. EJ Viso
11. Burt Jenner

Official Results from Round 12 of Stadium Super Trucks presented by Traxxas race at the Sand Sports Super Show
1. Robby Gordon
2. Keegan Kincaid
3. EJ Viso
4. Burt Jenner
5. Scotty Steele
4. PJ Jones
6. Aaron Bambach
7. Charles Dorrance
8. BJ Baldwin
9. Apdaly Lopez
10. Nick Vanis
11. Bill Hynes

NBC Sports Broadcast of Rounds 12, 13 and 14 
October 9 – Orange County California – 10 p.m. PT NBC Sports Network
October 10 – Coronado Speed Festival – 11 p.m. PT NBC Sports Network

About Coronado Speed Festival
The Fleet Week Coronado Speed Festival is Fleet Week San Diego’s marquee event. The event features fast-paced, thrilling auto racing and exhibitions for car enthusiasts of all ages at one of the most distinctive race track locations -- Naval Air Station North Island, the birthplace of Naval Aviation. Nowhere else can you see a variety of cars racing on a live runway used by the U.S. Navy.  Learn more at https://www.fleetweeksandiego.org/.

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