Ricky Johnson Wins Red Bull Frozen Rush

Jan. 16, 2014 By Josh Burns, Photos Courtesy Red Bull Content Pool
The Red Bull Frozen Rush returned to the slopes in 2014.

After a trial run last year with off-road racer Ricky Johnson, Red Bull decided to return again to the Northeast for the Red Bull Frozen Rush at the Sunday River Resort in Maine. Eight off-road racers were invited to tackle the snow-covered slopes in their race trucks for a head-to-head competition in single-digit temperatures.

Ricky Johnson (background) and Bryce Menzies (foreground) tackle the Frozen Rush course.

The racers invited to the event is a list of who’s who in the off-road racing world, including Ricky Johnson, Rob MacCachren, Bryce Menzies, Johnny Greaves, Scott Douglas, Greg Adler, Carl Renezeder and Todd LeDuc. After multiple rounds of head-to-head racing, the final was set between Johnson and Greaves. All of the rounds  leading up the final consisted of two laps, but event organizers extended the final to a full four laps of racing. Only a few snow flakes separated the competitors at the finish, with Greaves finishing a mere .24 seconds ahead of Johnson. Unfortunately for Greaves, a 5-second penalty for hitting a race gate gave Johnson the win.

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“It was great to bring motorheads to the mountain,” Johnson said after the race. “What a thrill to cover new ground, literally, with guys that I respect and have been racing with for years.”

Ricky Johnson (center) took first, Johnny Greaves (left) earned second, and Bryce Menzies (right) rounded out the podium in third.

To maintain traction, trucks were fitted with BFGoodrich Mud-Terrain tires specially fitted with snow studs by the BFG R&D team. Sanctioning for the race was provided by USAC (United States Auto Club). More information and detailed scoring is available at www.redbull.com/frozenrush. The Red Bull Frozen Rush was presented by BFGoodrich in partnership with Polaris, Sunday River, Dodge Dart and Casio GzOne Commando 4G LTE. A recap of the event will air on NBC on Sunday, February 2, 2014, as part of the Red Bull Signature Series. For more information, please visit http://www.redbullsignatureseries.com/.

Johnny Greaves crossed the finish line first, but a 5-second penalty for hitting a gate cost him the win.

Rob MacCachren launches off a jump on the Frozen Rush course.

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2014 Red Bull Frozen Rush Results
1. Ricky Johnson
2. Johnny Greaves
3. Bryce Menzies
4. Rob MacCachren
5. Todd LeDuc
6. Scott Douglas
7. Greg Adler
8. Carl Renezeder

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