Red Bull Frozen Rush Qualifying Results

Jan. 09, 2015 By Josh Burns, Photos Courtesy of Red Bull Media House
Ricky Johnson posts the fastest time in qualifying for Red Bull Frozen Rush at Sunday River Ski Resort in Maine. Photo: Garth Milan

Leading up to today’s race, off-road racers tackled the slopes yesterday in their short-course trucks to qualify for the 2015 Red Bull Frozen Rush. The racers battled for qualifying spots to determine the starting head-to-head match-ups for the final race.

The course for the 2015 Frozen Rush is built on the slopes at Sunday River Resort in Newry, Maine. Photo: Brian Nevins

Ricky Johnson, no stranger racing his truck in the show after a few years under his belt, posted the best time of the day. Qualifying was conducted with only one truck on the track at a time. After the run, the trucks quickly went back to the pits so the crews could do some fine-tuning prep for today’s head-to-head battles.

The Red Bull Frozen Rush will be available for the world to watch in real time tomorrow through Red Bull TV at The action will start today at 12:30 pm ET on Friday, January 9, 2015.

Carl Renezeder competes in the qualifying round of Red Bull Frozen Rush at Sunday River Ski Resort in Maine. Photo: Garth Milan

Frozen Rush Qualifying
1. Ricky Johnson 1:33.997
2. Bryce Menzies 1:34.085
3. Rob MacCachren 1:34.886
4. Scott Douglas 1:35.829
5. Chad Hord 1:36.569
6. RJ Anderson 1:39.340
7. Brian Deegan 1:40.015
8. Carl Renezeder 2:00.231
9. Todd LeDuc DNS (mechanical) Newsletter
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