CORR's Jim Baldwin Extends Offer of Cooperation to Lucas Oil Off-Road Racing Series

Feb. 25, 2009 By Press Release

02/25/2009 - According to a press release on the Lucas Oil Web site today, the management staff of the Lucas Oil Off Road Racing Series and representatives of Championship Off Road Racing (CORR) have met several times over the past two weeks to discuss issues of mutual concern within the short-course off-road industry. The end result of these meetings was an agreement between the parties to work together to promote the well being of short-course off-road racing. Jim Baldwin, principal figure in CORR, offered the use of the CORR name and logo to the Lucas Oil Off Road Racing Series for a period of one year. Mr. Baldwin also offered the use of his fabulous Chula Vista facility to Lucas Oil Off Road for 2009 for a maximum of three events. Mr. Baldwin’s offer was conveyed in writing on February 12, 2009 and was confirmed in a telephone conversation the following day between Jim Baldwin and Bob Patison.

“Jim Baldwin has made an amazing and generous offer,” said Patison, executive vice president of Lucas Oil Products. “He has a genuine interest in seeing the sport continue on at a high level of professionalism. Mr. Baldwin’s offer is being carefully considered at this time. The details of how to effectively work together will be explored in an expeditious fashion. It is no secret that Mr. Baldwin and I have not always agreed with one another over the years. However, we agree now that it is time to set differences aside and find a way to work together for the benefit of all concerned with Off Road Racing.”

Discussions are ongoing with NBC and the Lucas Oil Off Road Racing Series for programming in 2009. Talks are in the preliminary stages, however, NBC has a strong interest in seeing off-road racing remain on its network. Lucas Oil and NBC will be meeting later this week to further explore the opportunities available for this season. SPEED has also expressed interest in a “live” show to be added to their schedule, in addition to the 18 hours of delayed programming already slated for 2009 and 2010.
Discussions will continue to determine open dates on the network and acceptable venue sites. Newsletter
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