50th BFGoodrich Mint 400 Results: Victory in Vegas for Bryce Menzies

A cloudy, cold day didn't stop some hot desert racing

Mar. 11, 2018 By Stephen Elmer. Photos by Art Eugenio/GetSomePhoto.com

Clouds hung over the 2018 BFGoodrich Mint 400 and a cold chill stuck in the air, but the desert floor outside of Las Vegas was hot, filled with 400 off-road vehicles burning fuel, roasting brakes and melting tires.

Bryce Menzies captured his second win at the Mint 400 in the Trick Truck class, taking the win after a battle with Carlos Apdaly Lopez. In the end, Menzies edged out Apdaly by just about 30 seconds, finishing the race in a time of 05:52:03.266 with an average speed of 60 mph.

Bryce dedicated the race win to his grandfather, who passed away shortly before the race.

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Apdaly Lopez crashing through the night. You can see his top light bar is off, one of a few malfunctions that led to Lopez losing the lead.

At the start of the final lap, Lopez was leading, but he ran into issues in the dark. “The light bar on our roof wasn’t functioning,” Apdaly said.  “We hit a rock and the air jack wasn’t working, so we needed to use our mechanical jack to change out the tire.” 

This incident wasn’t enough for Bryce to physically pass the RPM Racing truck of Lopez, who finished the Mint first, but once the times were tallied, it was Bryce out front.

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Menzies in the dark.

Rounding out the top three is Ryan Poelman, who watched his son win the Class 1900 UTV Pro race earlier in the day. Victor Gruber was the driver of record in fourth place, while Larry Roeseler came fifth.

The first race car to leave the line in the afternoon for the Unlimited races was the 1500 Class buggy of Harley Letner, who went on to win his class by over an hour. Following behind in 1500 were Brian Parkhouse in second and Sam Berri in third.

Harley Letner

In the 6100 Class, Bobby Pecoy took the win, not letting his qualification spot of 34th slow him down. Class 6100 vehicles look like Trick Trucks, but each uses a sealed crate engine to help keep expenses down and to level the playing field. Behind Pecoy in 6100 were Terry Householder and Nick Mills in second and third respectively.

Casey Currie

A total of 29 entries came out to play in the 4400 Class, all cars that competed at the 2018 King of the Hammers just about a month ago. Of those, just 13 beat the midnight cut-off time. Paul Horschel took the win in 4400 with a time of 08:03:35.957. Casey Currie and Loren Healy round out the 4400 podium.

"This was the roughest race I have ever run," Horschel said. "I broke the rear off the race after six miles and had to run the entire race without a spare tire or a jack."

Brock Heger

In the limited races, which began at 6am in the morning, it was Brock Heger in the Class 1000 buggy that had the fastest time. Heger bested 26 other competitors with a time of 5 hours, 53 minutes.  The Class 1000 podium was rounded out by Arnoldo Gutierrez and Christian Fessler.

The UTV racing was closely contested this year, and the UTV Turbo Class was the largest at the Mint this year with 70 entries. Justin Lambert took the win in the class, with Phil Blurton and Mark Burnett just behind, with less than two minutes separating all three. In UTV Pro, Dodge Poelman took the win.

Congratulations to the all the winners at this year's Mint 400. The Great American Off-Road Race is in the books for another year, and we can't wait until the 51st Mint to do it all again. Scroll down to see more epic photos.

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