2017 BITD Vegas to Reno has a Familiar Winner

Voss charges to yet another BITD race win

Aug. 22, 2017 By Art Eugenio, Photos by Art Eugenio/GETSOMEphoto.com

Of its 21-year history one racer has undoubtedly put his mark on the Best in the Desert's Vegas to Reno and this year's running is another for the record books.

Four out of the last five Vegas to Reno's have belonged to Jason Voss. The 30yr old out of Cupertino California has made the 540 mile race his own, three of them being consecutive wins. Having started 3rd off the line Jason made his charge for the lead early in the race and by the half way point held a commanding lead over the field and never looked back despite a few others doing their best to put the pressure on. With an elapse time of 09:02:42.094, Voss took the win over the second four wheel vehicle by just over 4 minutes.

"We started off well," said Voss. "Rob was running a pretty conservative pace and stacking up the field to where we were actually 15th on time. Pit strategy always plays a big role here so we decided to take ours early in hopes to be in position to pass when the others went in, we got in and out without anyone passing us."

"Right around race mile 140 Rob got a flat and Bryce, PJ and myself got around him, shortly after that Bryce got a flat and we passed them giving us the lead. Knowing they all still had to pit we decided to push hard while we had clean air and create a time gap to give us some breathing room. That worked until just outside the Rawhide pit we got two flats but luckily we had that cushion."

"At that point we were down 1 minute on time to Justin Matney but we still had a fresh truck and I knew I could make up some time in the mountains. I really like this course and it suits my driving style. Being that we only race it once a year, don't prerun and is technical rather than pounding through the rough is better for me and James."

"Towards the end we had a few seconds on Matney and then he got a flat in the last few miles so that sealed it up for us. I can't thank my family and crew enough for all their hard work and also to our sponsors. From here we have a few more races to go with Tonopah and Pahrump. We're currently leading the points so we're looking for another championship. We also have the Baja1000 where we'll be teaming up with Rob (MacCachren) again for hopefully another win, said Voss.

Second place in the four-wheel vehicles went to Justin Matney in his 4x4 Trick Truck. In recent years Justin has proven he is a threat for the overall with wins at the Parker 425 and recently a 2nd overall at the Baja 500. This year Justin teamed with Josh Daniel, the duo had the lead on elapsed time at one point in the race but a flat tire near the end held them up enough to finish in second place.

Justin Matney

Bryce Menzies started 2nd off the line and did quite well considering he had eight flats on his run, having to settle for 3rd place on the box.

Bryce Menzies

Taking the overall two wheel category for the 3rd time in the last four years would be Ricky Brabec on his factory Honda CRF Rally bike. With a time of 08:56:22.892 beating Voss's time by 6 minutes for the bragging rights of the fastest man at this years Vegas to Reno.

Ricky Brabec

"The race for us was great, you know, we start at the crack of dawn and it makes it difficult to go fast early on but me starting the bike was the best decision because I've been here many times in years before racing" said Brabec. "We made the pass for the lead before pit 2 when the husky team blew out a tire and from there we opened track which was super good for us. No dust and fresh track with no other lines made it easier for us to focus on a empty road."

"Only had one issue, myself made a big mistake before Gabbs tagging a rock the size of an ice chest and going over the bars at a pretty good speed. Luckily, thank god I'm safe only damage was to the motorcycle and it took me about 4 minutes to get it straighten out and disable again until I was able to get to an assistance point. After that, we were a short 150 miles away from the finish with a 9 min lead so it was very easy for us to get to the finish line. The team did an outstanding job and it amazes me every time to see the effort each and everyone of these members put in to make this happen."

Filling out the podium for the motos would be Jacob Argubright in 2nd place and Danny Cooper in 3rd.

Looking forward to Off-Road.com's continuing coverage of desert racing, our next stop will be the 50th running of the SCORE Baja 1000. This landmark event is shaping up to be one for the record books as hints of the nearly 1400 mile course down the Baja peninsula come out. Look for Off-Road.com to be there.

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