Vanderhall Motor Works has been making three-wheeled roadsters for about a decade and now the company is venturing into the off-road space with the upcoming Vanderhall Navarro.

You’ll be forgiven if you’ve never heard of Vandrehall Motor Works, but the company’s on-road roadsters are certainly eye-catching and are available in a wide variety of iterations – including an all-electric Edison. The Edison’s electric powerplant may have sparked (pun intended) interest in the Vanderhall Navarro, which will be a purely electric off-road vehicle.

Unlike the roadsters, the Vanderhall Navarro will be a four-wheel vehicle. While the Edison electric roadster features twin front-driven 52 kW motors, at this point we don’t know what will be powering the Navarro when it is released.

Vanderhall Navarro Front
This is a still frame taken from the Vanderhall Navarro teaser video.

And while we have taken all of these electric off-road vehicle announcements from unproven brands with a big old grain of salt, we are slightly more optimistic about the Vanderhall Navarro. That is largely thanks to the fact that Vanderhall already makes vehicles and has a dealer network in place. Another bonus is that Vanderhall has offered an actual published timeline for further information.

Beyond this initial announcement, Vanderhall says we can expect a secondary product release with further information on October 19, 2020, followed by a product update with specifications and features on January 4, 2021. Vanderhall expects the Navarro to be released as a 2022 model and preorders will be available in summer of 2021.

Check out the video teaser below for a very limited peak at the Vanderhall Navarro.