As anyone with kids can attest, it’s been challenging to keep them occupied while many schools are closed and health official promoting social distancing from friends. Quadratec has created a neat program encouraging parents to use this time to teach their kids a few life skills.

Whether that takes the form of teaching them how to change oil, rotating tires, or installing a righteous new snorkel kit is completely up to you. Quadratec’s program encourages budding Jeep fans and their parents to take a picture of the work and post it on a social media channels like Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram. Naturally, they’d prefer it if you tag them in the post and use the #HandsOnHomeSchool hashtag.

What’s the payoff (besides teaching kids a thing or two about Jeeps while getting them out of the house)? After posting your accomplishments online, head to the Quadratec website where a couple of minutes with an online form will net you a couple of t-shirts – provided you used the hashtag in your social media post, of course.

The company has a point when it says the sense of accomplishment when fixing something on one’s Jeep is quite invigorating and more than a bit addictive. Its hope is this program will help kids to be eager for the next project instead of incessantly searching for their smartphones or gaming console.

Have you been tackling any repairs or projects over the last month or so? Let us know all about it in the comment section.