Mud-terrain tires work great off-road. They offer serious traction on dirt, mud, sand and snow. They also make your rig look really boss. We love them, but as great as they are they do lack some of the on-road driving characteristics many drivers look for in a performance highway tire. They’re heavy, can be noisy, and tend to wander on the road. For many, this is a small price to pay when added traction and off-road performance are at the core of your build.

What if we told you there’s a new tire that strikes a balance between on-road performance and off-road capability – a hybrid of sorts. An off-road tire with good on-road characteristics matched with the bite of a mud-terrain tread design. It exists! Maxxis has been working on this tire for a few years now. It was just released it in the Fall. They call it the Maxxis Razr MT.

Maxxis Razr MT 2
The Maxxis Razr MT’s new tread pattern features deeply sculptured center blocks to maximize mud traction, while the razor stone and mud ejectors improve self-cleaning performance and minimizes rock retention.

The Maxxis Razr MT was engineered using years of experience gained from off-road racing. It uses a new off-road compound with chemical fillers for maximum tear and chip resistance as well as added tread life. It also features a new tread pattern designed for maximum traction and cleanout, with the added benefit of improved on-road handling. For added strength and durability, Maxxis uses Dual-Cord body ply technology. The Razr MT’s construction consists of 3 Polyester + 2 Steel + 2 Nylon tread, and 3-Ply Polyester sidewall.

Maxxis Razr MT Sidewall
The Maxxis Razr MT features an innovative armor sidewall design that maximizes sidewall traction and delivers puncture resistance, while the deeply staggered shoulder blocks provide additional side bite over difficult terrain.

We got a set of 37×12.50 R17 Maxxis Razr MTs to test earlier this year, and after putting over 3,000 miles on them we were surprised how well they handle, even on a heavy RAM 4×4 diesel truck. On the highway, the Razr MT handles impressively well for a mud terrain. There’s no lane wandering or harsh ride. They’re also not obnoxiously loud either. You can hear them but they don’t drown out the conversation or tunes inside the cab.

We had a chance to drive them in the rain recently and were equally impressed on how well they stick to the pavement. They drive and stop well. The Razr MT also does the job hauling or towing a load. Our Load Range E tire is rated for 3525 lbs. (per tire), but for those looking for softer sidewalls, Maxxis also offers C and D Load Range Razr MT tires. This may come into play if you’re into rock crawling and prefer a sidewall with more flex.

Maxxis Razr MT 3
These tires are so well formed, they only required as little as 2.5oz on the wheel balancer machine. That’s pretty minimal for such a large mass. Each wheel and tire combo weighed in at just under 100lbs.

Off of the highway, the Maxxis Razr MT has plenty of traction. We climbed hills in the backcountry with ease. The tires never spun, unless, of course, we wanted them to. They also felt surefooted driving down dirt roads. On rocky terrain, airing down helped make the footprint even greater, really putting the sidewall armor to the test. In the mud, the added traction gained compared to the previous all-terrain tires on the truck is quite noticeable. They provided the 4×4 with more authority when tackling slippery sauce. We also noticed that the tire thread design kept self-cleaning, delivering constant traction through the mud. The vehicle just kept moving forward and didn’t dig in or get stuck. It was fun! Once we got back on the highway all the mud chunks just came off the bone, giving us a safe tire to drive back home.

Maxxis Razr MT 4
Soft rubber compounds are great for rock crawling and serious off-road action–but don’t fare so well on asphalt. The Razr MT strikes a balance for daily driving with a medium-hard Durometer hardness of 61 on the Shore A scale. The Maxxis Razr MT 37×12.50 R17 tested had a little over 16/32″ of tread depth, or 1/2″—plenty of rubber for the long haul. Most new tires average 10/32″.

The Maxxis Razr MT is a great fit for drivers looking for a more refined mud-terrain tire without the hang-ups of an aggressive tread design. It strikes a balance between off-road performance and on-road handling. It’s well suited for truck and Jeep applications. It’s also a good choice for daily-driver rigs.

Maxxis Razr MT 5
The Maxxis Razr MT 37×12.50 R17 tire has a Load Range E, rated for Max Load of 3,525lbs (1,600kg). We matched them to a set of Method Race Wheels NV 305, rated for 3,600lbs. This 8-lug truck is ready to roll.

The Maxxis Razr MT is available in 10 popular sizes from 33” to 40” diameter and is backed by a 40,000-mile warranty. Look for it at your favorite off-road shop or tire retailer.

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