Get your dad Father’s Day gifts he will actually want this year. If you think your dad is impossible to shop for, we’ve got news for you – he isn’t. But we’ve done the leg work for you by finding some gifts he is sure to love.

Listen up, ungrateful youngsters—dear old Dad has a special day coming up and you need to remember to get something for him. He’s brought you to hockey practice, bailed you out of the drunk tank, and deftly handled the gruff owner of a taxi company into one of whose cars you reversed into at 1:00 am the previous night. That last one was a suspiciously specific example. Anyway.

We’ve pawed through Amazon and found a few Father’s Day gifts that he’ll actually want, which means there will be no pen holders shaped like Mount Rushmore or loudly patterned ties on this list. Also, I’m a Dad myself, so I know what to look for. Now, get to reading this list before I count to 10 and turn this car around for good. Don’t make me come back there.

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1. Editors Choice: NOCO Boost HD GB70 Lithium Portable Jump Starter Box

Best Fathers Day Gifts

It doesn’t matter if dad left the lights on the in the Jeep  or the portable refrigerator has been working overtime to keep your drinks cold. Turning your ignition key with no response from the engine is a definite downer. That is why the NOCO Boost HD Portable Jump Starter Box tops our list of best Father’s Day gifts. It’s compact design makes it easy to store or transfer to multiple cars, yet it packs enough power to jump start an 8-Liter gas or 6-Liter diesel engine. Additional features are an integrated 400-lumen LED flashlight that has seven different modes, including and emergency strobe and SOS function, a 12v cigarette lighter (are we allowed to use that phrase anymore) port, and cables to charge pretty much any electronic device you might have had over the last 10 years.

Dad may laugh at you when he opens it, but he’ll praise you when he needs it.


2. Best Tool Accessory: Rugged Tools Titan Deluxe Tool Roll

Best Fathers Day Gifts

One of the best things a serious off-road enthusiast can have is a good tool roll. This option from Rugged Tools rightfully earns its spot on our list of best Father’s Day gifts because of its quality and great features. Made from heavy-duty cotton canvas, this tool roll is both rip and tear resistant and features 5 deep zippered tool pouches that are perfect for keeping your screwdrivers, wrenches, pliers and other essential tools organized and conveniently stowed away. Strong quick-release buckles keep the tool roll conveniently compact for storage when you don’t need it, and integrated metal grommets make it easy to hang from your tool wall when you’re working on home projects.

3. Best Electronic Gadget: Magellan TR7 7" Cam Trail and GPS Navigator

Best Fathers Day Gifts

When it comes to great Father’s Day gifts, you can’t go wrong with a good GPS. When you give one that has an auto-record feature when dad starts to approach his favorite trail or is loaded with over 100,000 off-road trails, there’ll be no doubt who is dads favorite of all the siblings. The 7″ screen makes it easy to follow the turn-by-turn trail, or street directions when you’ve called dad to come bail you out from your latest shenanigans. That’s your chance to remind him who is favorite was on the quiet ride home.

4. Best Off-Road Accessory: BUNKER INDUST Off-Road Traction Boards with Jack Lift Base

Best Fathers Day Gifts

There’s a reason you never go off-road without a buddy. That one time you do, you’ll likely end up stuck with no cell service and scratching your head about how you got into that mess. Umm… definitely no personal experience here. That is why traction boards were made. Well, maybe that’s not the reason they were made but they can sure help if you ever find yourself in that kind of a sticky situation. These traction boards from Bunker Indust provide the bit of traction you need to get out of mud, snow, sand or any kind of loose terrain. They’re made from a super tough reinforced nylon, making them flexible, light and extremely durable. These boards also have a bonus feature allowing them to be used as a base for your Hi-Lift style jack should you need it. A Father’s Day gift any off-road loving dad would be glad to have.

5. Best Household Gift: Camp Chef SmokePro Slide Pellet Smoker

Best Fathers Day Gifts

Dad’s love to grill but sometimes cleaning out the BBQ, digging out the charcoal and soaking it in lighter fluid can be a bit tedious. Enter the Camp Chef SmokePro Slide Smoker Pellet Grill. Simply pour your favorite flavored wood pellets into the hopper, set the temperature dial and wait as your grill comes up to temperature. Dad will love cooking burgers, dogs and steaks on his new grill, but he’ll really enjoy being able to smoke his favorite BBQ meats like pulled pork, brisket and chicken. Sure you can throw on some vegetables, but lets face it. Meat Good!

6. Sony Noise Cancelling Wireless Bluetooth Headphones

sony noise cancelling headphones

Here’s a tip, wise guy: sometimes Dad wants to block you out. While he is endlessly supportive and will listen when required, there are occasions when he simply wants to take an hour or three to have a brew and enjoy his favorite music.

Noise cancelling means he can’t hear anyone complain, providing a virtually soundproof experience. These things are enabled for Alexa, so while the rest of the family might not listen to him, at least Amazon will. A neat feature of these headphones is the ability for the wearer to turn down the music by simply covering the right ear cup with one’s hand if, say, someone is trying to asking him something. Again. There are cheaper options out there but he deserves these good ones, ya friggin’ cheapskate.

7. Staun Tire Deflators

Best Fathers Day Gifts

I don’t know about you, but in our homes the weekends were made for getting out and doing some wheeling. When we were anxious to get rolling down the trail, we always had to stop and drop our tire pressures, and going from tire to tire kinda killed the excitement. That is what Staun Tire Deflators where made for! Pre-set them at home to your desired tire pressures and voila! Next time you need to air down, screw these beauties down and they do all the work for you. Dad is sure to love these!

8. Shop-Vac 8 Gallon 6.0 Peak HP Stainless Wet Dry Vacuum

shop-vac 8-gallon 6-peak hp stainless wet dry vacuum

Having a Shop-Vac on hand is the Dad equivalent of a teenager having an extra Instagram account – it’s not often used but incredibly useful when needed. These wet-dry units suck up all manner of debris, from wayward Lego blocks to an entire carton of spilled milk. They’re good in the garage too, of course, providing the power for any number of cleaning jobs.

This one is an 8-gallon unit, powered by a robust motor that allegedly belts out six horsepower. A secure latching system literally keeps a lid on things while a very useful rear blower port converts the vacuum into a powerful blower. I have one and trust me – this feature can blow leaves like a hurricane.

9. CHORTAU Dual Dash Cam

Best Fathers Day Gifts

It’s a crazy world out there and driving the city streets can get a bit dangerous at times. The Chortau Dual Dash Cam is a great way to give dad’s a little sense of security while they drive. This 1080p dash cam features loop recording to catch any action needed when driving and even when parked thanks to motion detection sensors that automatically turn the camera on when any impact is detected. This setup also includes a rear camera to catch the action behind you and also help while backing into parking spaces or hitching up a trailer.

10. Chelmon Slim Wallet RFID Front Pocket Wallet

chelmon slim wallet

Despite popular belief and a raft of memes, not every Dad has a Costanza wallet in which they’ve kept every single receipt since 1982. This spellcheck-vexing Chelmon slim wallet is sized perfectly to hold a quartet of credit cards and a few bills, either of which he’ll be using to bail your sorry butt out of the county clink after a night of partying.

Allegedly, this thing keeps identity theft at bay, with an RFID blocking shield that foils nefarious types who may attempt to scan his cars while he’s waiting in line at the lumber yard of The Home Depot. It looks like a hard case but is actually made of soft leather so it won’t poke his most principal parts when he’s kneeling down to tie a shoelace.

 11. Xbox One S 500GB Console w/ Accessories

xbox one s 1tb console

Yep, your author is putting an Xbox on this list because he’d like to have one for Father’s Day if he didn’t already have one himself. A modern console like the Xbox (VS lawyers are reminding me to mention that other gaming consoles are also available) acts as much more than just a time suck for Forza Horizon and Fortnite sessions. Playing games like Dakar 18, Gravel and Baja: Edge of Control HD are a great alternative to get his dirt fix if his off-road rig is sidelined waiting on repairs.

Microsoft has assembled plenty of entertainment apps to download, including the likes of Netflix and Amazon Prime. Those services require an additional subscription fee, of course. Know what doesn’t? YouTube. For the gearhead Dad, the IMSA channel is packed full of entire race weekends complete with commentary. This Xbone features a 1TB hard drive at just a $10 premium over a unit with half the digital storage space.

12. Angry Beaver Waxed Canvas Shop Apron

best father's day gifts

The term ‘waxed canvas’ brings to mind Bob Ross but, in this case, it refers to a sturdy apron that he can wear when out in the garden or tackling an oil change out in the garage. He could also wear it while playing the Xbox mentioned earlier but that would be a bit weird.

A plethora of pockets on the waist and chest stand ready to hold tools or a smartphone if he’s feeling particularly brave. Cross-back straps measuring a good six feet in length means this bad boy will fit Dads of all sizes.

13. Nitto Ridge Grappler Tires

If you really want to treat your dad, a new set of tires for his off-road rig will be a very welcome surprise. The Nitto Ridge Grappler is an outstanding choice, as it is one of the most versatile tires available today. It is somehow more aggressive than its brother (the Nitto Exo Grappler AWT) while also being quieter. As we said in our long-term review: “The Nitto Ridge Grappler doesn’t require a huge tradeoff for truck and SUV owners, proving you don’t need to compromise having a bumpy, loud ride around town for the sake of a tire with great off-road performance.”Nitto Ridge Grappler

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Updated 6/3/2021: Ranked product, updated product links and descriptions, added new products (NOCO Jumper Pack, Magellan GPS, Camp Chef Pellet Grill, Staun Tire Deflators, Bunker Traction Boards, CHORTAU Dash Cam, Rugged Tool Roll)