Toyota Tundra accessories can make an already solid truck even better. Our staff  looks at some of the best Tundra accessories available and offer some helpful tips when it comes to installation, how upgrades affect resale value, and much more.

For many pickup owners, a new base model truck is merely a blank canvas begging to be equipped with an endless option of upgrades. Once in your driveway, the process of installing these items is just the beginning of a long list of projects to come. Whether adding protective implements, cosmetic add-ons, performance upgrades, organizers, lighting, or any other lifestyle-oriented product, the options are virtually limitless when it comes to fine-tuning your pickup to your exact needs and tastes with the best Tundra accessories.

AS one of the most popular pickup trucks on the scene when it comes to customization, Toyota Tundra owners are backed by a billion-dollar-a-year aftermarket brimming with compelling products designed specifically for Toyota’s popular pickup. Below, we gathered some of the most popular Toyota Tundra accessories to stir your imagination and help you get the most out of your pickup.

1. Editor's Choice: WeatherTech DigitalFit Floorliner Set

weathertech digitalfit floorliner set

Protecting the interior of your truck is a must, so our list of Toyota Tundra accessories wouldn’t be complete without a set of quality floorliners. With great reviews and backed by the most recognizable name in the floor-liner game, a set of WeatherTech DigitalFit Floorliners provides flagship-level protection for the carpeting and floor of your Tundra. With fitment options for virtually all years makes and models, the WeatherTech DigitalFit Floorliner Set is designed using lasers (yes, lasers!) to ensure an exact fit to the precise shape of your Tundra’s interior, making them one of the top Tundra accessories.

Expect enhanced looks, resale value, and durability. These precisely-measured and waterproof liners provide total coverage of the Tundra’s floor and act as a barrier against sand, salt, dirt and moisture—all of which is trapped in the liner and prevented from damaging, staining and wearing out the carpeting beneath. In the long term, they can even prevent rust from forming in the metal floor-pan. Best of all, they install in seconds, and clean up nearly as quick: just yank them out and give them a blast with the garden hose.

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2. Best Undercarriage Protectant: Fluid Film Protectant and Lubricant

fluid film rust and corrosion protection

For the meticulous owner, this do-it-yourself lubricant and rust inhibitor allows for precise treatment of any worrisome areas against rust and corrosion. This highly-rated product is perfect for the DIY truck owner who wants to fend off rust on their own terms making it one of the best Tundra accessories for owners in snowy regions.

You’ll likely want to use an air-compressor powered spray-gun, though some users apply the Fluid Film Protectant and Lubricant with a brush or roller. This product is ideal for covering large areas quickly, but also works nicely in tighter areas, nooks, crannies, and the like. Owner reviews indicate that one gallon is roughly sufficient to thickly coat the underside of a large pickup—but consider grabbing a second gallon to treat hinges, cables, sliders and more. Fluid Film Protectant and Lubricant has no solvents, so it’s safe for use on rubber and plastic, where required, too.

3. Best Running Board/Rocker Panel Protection: Tyger Auto Armor Nerf Bars

tyger auto star armor kit

Combining added protection, looks, flair and convenience to your Tundra is a cinch with a set of Tyger Auto Armor Nerf Bars. With nearly 100-percent 5-star reviews by existing owners, shoppers can choose the Tyger Auto Armor Nerf Bars kit with confidence to spare. With direct fitment, installation is a cinch and requires no drilling, cutting, or warranty-voiding alterations to your Tundra’s body.

Some of the features that make these one of the best Tundra accessories are the dual-stage powder coating that fends off corrosion and wear for the long haul, and a special e-coating process helps mitigate corrosion from the inside out. Finally, these nerf bars are fully sealed, keeping moisture out. A no-hassle 5-year warranty is included, so you can expect a long and worry-free life from this one.

Textured surfaces applied to the 2-inch diameter tubes make for a sturdy step when boarding and exiting, and the Tyger Auto Armor Nerf Bars provide a great place to kick off dirty or wet footwear, without damaging the actual body of the truck over time.

4. Best Replacement Tires: BF Goodrich Mud Terrain T/A KM

bfgoodrich mud terrain t/a km all terrain radial tire

These high-performing tires are amongst the most popular on the market, and are one of the best Tundra accessories adding confidence and performance while tackling challenging terrain. The latest version of the Mud Terrain T/A KM feature special provisions that help reduce road noise, promote more even wear, and improve ride quality all around. Unique DiggerLugz are built into the treads and sidewall for superior traction in deep mud, and effective tread clearing to maintain a positive bite on the surface beneath.

Further, a strongly-reinforced structure helps fend off punctures and bruising. Reviews are strongly positive, though some owners report difficulty when it comes time to balance the tires, and others report the need for more frequent-than-expected rotation to promote even wear. Still, with numerous improvements and the backing of one of the biggest names in off-road tires, the Mud Terrain T/A KM are a go-to tire for Tundra owners around the globe.

5. Master Tailgaters Black Tailgate Handle with Backup Camera

master tailgaters tailgate backup reverse handle with cameraBack-up cameras are hugely helpful in a truck, but older models just don’t have them and that’s why we recommend adding a quality back-up camera to your list of Toyota Tundra accessories. Many non-factory backup camera systems look cheesy, out of place, and stick out like a sore thumb. That’s just why the Master Tailgaters Black Tailgate Handle with Backup Camera makes our list as the ideal choice for Tundra owners who want both the added safety of a backup camera, as well as a clean and tidy install! With fitment across a wide range of models, the Master Tailgaters Black Tailgate Handle with Backup Camera is designed to replace your factory tailgate handle with this high-quality unit, which has a backup camera built right in.

Discrete looks and top-notch functionality are part of the package, though additional hardware may be required and professional installation is recommended. Owner reviews are top-notch, and the seller page lists plenty of handy information to help guide shoppers towards a quick and effective install. A high-quality camera module is employed, and all required wiring and connectors are included, too making it a top Tundra accessory.

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6. EyeCatcher Toyota Tundra Tailgate Letter Inserts

eyecatcher toyota tundra tailgate letter inserts

It’s not all about performance and convenience. Some times it pays just to make things look better. Few things for $40 provide as much visual bang for the buck as the Eye Catcher Toyota Tundra Tailgate Letter Inserts. Available for 2014 and newer trucks, these matte black pastic inserts feature UV stable 3M plastic, and install in just 2 minutes. Designed to stay in place and last for years, even in extremes of heat and cold, the Eye Catcher Toyota Tundra Tailgate Letter Inserts fill in the factory ‘TUNDRA’ logo stamping to make it stand out. It’s a big visual impact for a small price-tag.

Special cutting and design care mean these inserts are contoured and formed perfectly for the specific edges and curves of the factory logo stamping, while clear insert carriers ensure a perfect fit in seconds. The Eye Catcher Toyota Tundra Tailgate Letter Inserts are also car-wash safe and contain no metal, so there’s zero chance of rusting or staining. Further confidence comes from nearly-perfect owner reviews, and US-made quality and design. You’d have a hard time finding cheaper Toyota Tundra accessories that make this big of a statement.

7. Genuine Toyota Tundra TRD Rear Sway Bar

Best Tundra Accessories Toyota Tundra TRD anti sway bar

Built by Toyota for the specific characteristics of the Tundra, the Genuine Toyota Tundra TRD Rear Sway Bar is an effective way to dial up the handling, responsiveness and agility of your truck. Ideal for sportier drivers, this product comes fully backed by Toyota quality and warranty coverage, and confidence is enhanced by stellar owner reviews. Once installed, expect a flatter cornering stance and tidier handling making it a top Tundra accessory when it comes to performance upgrades.

The Genuine Toyota Tundra TRD Rear Sway Bar is made of high-quality spring steel and includes a gloss-red powder-coat finish that will resist corrosion for years. According to the reviews, owners seem highly satisfied with the price point, and enhanced handling. This sway bar kit installs quickly and immediately improves the feel and cornering performance of the truck. Just be sure to read the description fully, as the TRD rear sway bar kit is not compatible with all versions of the Tundra.

8. UnderCover SwingCase Storage Box

undercover swingcase truck storage box

Storage solutions are worth putting on your wishlist of Toyota Tundra accessories. Well, tickle us pink! If the UnderCover SwingCase Storage Box isn’t the handiest accessory on this list, we don’t know what is. Designed to fit into that typically-awkward space behind the wheel-well hump and rear corner of your truck’s box, the weatherproof UnderCover SwingCase Storage Box installs with just one tool, is lockable and removable, and (best of all), can be swung out and away—providing easy access to its contents without the need to step into the box of your truck.

Numerous owner reviews say it all: this is one of the handiest truck accessories going, and you’ll likely find new uses for it every day. Need to take your UnderCover SwingCase Storage Box and its contents with you? No problem! Just press a lever, and the whole thing dismounts so you can carry it away. Install one on each side of your truck box for even more useful and flexible storage.

9. EAG Replacement ABS Grille

eag replacement tundra abs grille

Here’s another great way to dramatically enhance the look of your Tundra, on the relative cheap. Designed to give your truck a handsome new mug, the EAG Replacement ABS Grille replaces your factory grille with a sinister mesh-black piece that’s set off by three amber positioning lights. The custom designed lights and ABS plastic construction turn up the style while providing lasting durability in this favorite upgrade in top Tundra accessories.

An open-pigtail wiring harness makes for an easy electrical connection for the lights, though professional installation of this product is highly advised.

Best of all, the EAG Replacement ABS Grille requires no modification to the Tundra’s body or fascia, so it’s a non-permanent modification that can be removed later if desired. Owner reviews are generally positive, though some complain about the lack of clear installation instructions and thin plastic mounting tabs that feel flimsier than expected during the install. Be sure to triple-check compatibility with your truck before buying, as some owners have reported incompatibility with 2018 model year Tundra models.

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10. Rough Country Dual Cat Back Exhaust

Best Toyota tundra accessories rough country exhaust

If you’re after improved performance, improved fuel efficiency, and a more sinister growl from your 5.7 litre V8 when you give it the beans, the Rough Country Dual Cat Back Performance Exhaust System is a top-line, no-BS solution that’s been enjoyed by thousands of owners.

For its premium price-tag, the Rough Country Performance Exhaust System provides numerous benefits—including factory-quality fitment, construction and durability, and easy installation via factory mounting points.

Unlike cheaper knock-off exhaust systems, this exhaust system is designed, engineered and tested by the same people who manufacture some of the best off-road products from a known brand you trust. Translation? This exhaust system is as tough and long-lasting as your Tundra, will install without frustration, and will last for years—instead of corroding away in quick order like so many lower-cost alternatives.

Professional installation is highly recommended, and additional hardware may be required for proper installation. This is one of the best exhaust system for most Tundra owners, as well as the last one you’ll need to buy. During acceleration, expect a tastefully-restrained rumble that blows the factory exhaust sound effects out of the water, making it another of our editors best Tundra accessories.

Things to Know About Toyota Tundra Accessories

Watch the Warranty: If your Tundra is still covered by some portion of its factory warranty, be sure to do some research before selecting and installing any new accessory to ensure it won’t compromise any remaining warranty coverage. Note that non-factory electronics, suspension parts, engine parts, lighting, body parts and more can all void warranty coverage– and that your new vehicle warranty doesn’t cover damage or wear caused by the use of non-factory parts. In particular, be sure to avoid power-programmers, chips or ‘tuners’, which modify factory engine management parameters to turn in more power—but usually nuke your powertrain warranty in the process. If in doubt, ask a dealer service advisor, and note that some accessories can negatively affect the durability and long-term reliability of the Tundra, so shop carefully. Consider using factory-approved accessories, available on Amazon or through your Toyota dealer, as these are usually warranty-compatible.

Professional Installation: Use caution when planning the installation of any non-factory part or accessory that requires any modification of the Tundra’s wiring or electronics. Any product that requires modification or splicing into existing vehicle wiring should be installed by a professional, for maximum peace of mind. There’s a right way (and a wrong way) to install electronics like stereos and light bars, and having a professional install means reduced likelihood of headaches down the line.

Also, be sure to seek out professional installation for any add-on body parts, exhaust parts, or (especially) suspension parts. Though some install jobs are DIY compatible, they often require specialized tools and know-how for maximized success. If in doubt, a professional install shop (or your local dealer) can handle the job for you quickly, helping ensure a long and worry-free life from your product.

Maintenance: If you’ll be stepping up your Tundra’s off-road capability in advance of spending more time on the road less travelled, be sure to plan on stepping up your maintenance schedule, too. Driving frequently in an off-road setting exposes your truck to more dust, dirt, sand, mud and moisture, which can put more strain and wear on vehicle parts and systems. If you’ll partake in this more severe driving more often, you’ll want to maintain your Tundra more frequently. Check your owner’s manual or ask a dealer service advisor—though increasing the frequency of fluid changes (including transmission fluid, brake fluid and differential fluid) and the frequency of air filter changes (including the cabin air filter and engine air filter) are a great starting point. Maintenance is key for a long and trouble-free life from any vehicle, and more strict and frequent maintenance is strongly advised for those owners who work their trucks hard.

Think Resale Value: A little protection now can go a long way towards keeping your Tundra’s resale value in tip-top shape. This is why protective accessories are so popular: with just a few items, you can protect your Tundra’s underside, body, and interior from excessive damage and wear that negatively affect its trade-in value down the line. Plenty of options are available to help protect your Tundra’s finish, interior and overall appearance—and even the use of a set of rubber form-fitting mats, some mud flaps, some step-in bars, a hood-edge deflector, and some seat covers can go a long way towards extending your vehicle’s appearance and finish for the long haul. Consider high-quality parts from reputable brands (or Toyota-approved accessories when possible) as these tend to last longer, fit better, and provide added peace of mind by way of higher quality.

Garage Accessories: When considering which accessories you’ll choose for your Tundra, be sure to think outside the box (or the truck!), a little. Some of the best Tundra accessories don’t even go in (or on) the truck itself– and garage accessories like an air compressor and toolkit, lift ramps, and a built-in vacuum cleaner can go a long way towards easy tackling of light cleaning and maintenance jobs which help you get more out of your truck.

Lighting and Light Bars: Aftermarket lighting options are nearly limitless for your Tundra (or any other pickup truck), but be sure to do your homework, first. After selecting the lighting provisions you want for your truck and understanding how they’ll fit and function, you’ll want to determine if their use contravenes any local laws that govern vehicle lighting systems. In some locales, the use of non-factory lighting products may be illegal, and could land you with a hefty fine if you’re caught using them on public roads. Some products are sold with an ‘OFF ROAD USE ONLY’ disclaimer, which should be taken seriously. Check your local rules and regulations beforehand to avoid nasty surprises. As lighting provisions typically require moderate to extensive modification of vehicle wiring, be sure to consider professional installation via a reputable shop, for maximum peace of mind.

The Right Tires and Wheels: If you’ll consider upgrading the tires and wheels on your Tundra, remember that opting for high-quality products from reputable brands is a great starting point. When it comes to tires, be sure to read owner reviews, and understand the pros and cons of each tire. Aggressive off-road tires come in many shapes and sizes, each with a unique set of pros and cons relating to performance, wet-traction, snow traction, noise levels, and fuel economy. If you’ll buy tires online, triple-check to ensure the specific make and model of tire you’re considering is of the correct size (and load rating) for your truck, and how you’ll use it. When considering wheels, remember that cheaper isn’t always better—and that you’ll want a robust wheel that can handle the weight of your truck (and trailer, if applicable), as well as the terrain you’ll tackle, without turning into an octagon if you whack a rock or pothole.

Will these kinds of upgrades increase the value of my Tundra?

Yes and no. Many of these might not increase your Tundra’s value, but might help it from losing value. Items like the WeatherTech floor mats protect your interior, Tyger Auto Nerf Bars protect the body of the truck from being crushed when off-roading all helping to hold the value of your Tundra.

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