Good spare tire covers not only help protect your backup, but can also make a visual statement that helps your truck or Jeep stand out form the crowd.

A rear-mounted spare tire might just be one of the things that makes your 4×4 unique: whether you drive a Jeep Wrangler, a Toyota FJ Cruiser, or anything else with a spare hanging from its backside, this unique visual attribute also ensures you’ll be able to keep on keepin’ on in the event of a flat, while also making your vehicle easy to identify, even from a distance.

Covering your rear-mounted spare tire is a great idea for a multitude of reasons, and there are no shortage of products available to help you get the job done, with added style and functionality to boot. Below, we’ll look at some of the best spare tire covers for whatever sort of adventure-ready 4×4 you drive.

1. Editor's Pick: Bully CM-07R Zombie Spare Tire Cover

bully zombie spare tire cover

Because of popular movies, TV shows and video games, zombies are all the brain-chugging rage these days. Why not jump on the bandwagon and give your off-road rig a fun little touch with our Editor’s Pick?

The Bully CM-07R Zombie Spare Tire Cover ships with a prominently displayed biohazard warning decal and clearly identifies your vehicle as part of your local Zombie Outbreak Response Team.

Sure to help set your vehicle apart in the parking lot while eliciting chuckles from your fellow motorists, the CM-07R Zombie Spare Tire Cover comes with good owner reviews, and is sold by a recognized name in off-road accessories. It fits tire sizes from 29.5 to 32.5 inches in diameter, and is made of durable, weather-resistant vinyl that’ll keep the harsh sun from degrading your spare tire rubber over time. An elastic inner rim helps ensure a snug fit, and the Bully CM-07R Zombie Spare Tire Cover can be ordered in red, white or green, to suit your tastes, making this the hands down favorite of all spare tire covers.

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2. Best Value: Explore Land 22-23.75 Inch Spare Tire Cover

explore land spare tire cover

Cheap, simple, and highly effective, the Explore Land 22-23.75 Inch Spare Tire Cover is our Best Value pick. It covers rear-mounted spares from 22 to 23.75 inches in overall diameter—keeping your spare tire covered, clean, and protected. Nearly universal fitment and easy cleaning make it easy to live with, and installation is a cinch, with no tools required. Durable and weather-resistant vinyl and a non-scratch cotton backing help keep things protected, and won’t cause any wear to your alloy wheels, either.

Best part? The Explore Land 22-23.75 Inch Spare Tire Cover is one of the most affordable spare tire covers you’ll come across on Amazon, and it comes with a 3-year warranty, and good owner reviews that often question the need to spend more. Just double-check the unit you’re ordering against the size of your spare for proper fitment. The seller’s page lists several size variants, though the sizing chart seems somewhat confusing.

3. Best for the Jeep Enthusiast: Jeep “On The Rocks” Logo Hard Shell Tire Cover

jeep on the rocks logo hard shell tire cover

This premium Jeep hard tire cover easily earns our designation as the Best Pick for the Jeep Enthusiast. If you’re not interested in covering your rear spare with an elasticized fabric pouch, the Jeep “On The Rocks” Logo Hard Shell Tire Cover makes a great choice. You’ll pay a pretty penny compared to some of the cheaper options on this page, but the upgraded looks and durability will be worth the cost for many drivers and Jeep enthusiasts.

The Jeep “On The Rocks” Logo Hard Shell Tire Cover uses an elasticized vinyl fabric to hold the hard-shell plate firmly against the spare. Translation? The most visible part of this spare tire cover is a hard plate, not a soft fabric. The Jeep logo, a Wrangler fascia, and some rocky terrain are featured in raised graphics for a powerful visual punch. It’s a Mopar Genuine accessory, too—meaning that this U.S.-built Jeep hard tire cover will stand up to abuse for the long haul, since it’s built and backed to the same standard as your Wrangler itself. This one looks great, is well-made, and amounts to a smart buy.

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4. Altopcar Black American Flag Spare Tire Cover

altopcar black american flag spare tire cover

With a multitude of fitment options, affordable pricing, and an elasticized back hem with quick-connect clips, the Altopcar Black American Flag Spare Tire Covers amount to some serious value that’ll keep your spare tire protected from the elements while adding a little visual flair to its appearance. This particular model also comes with a dynamic-looking, full-color American flag graphic for a distinctive look.

The Altopcar Black American Flag Spare Tire Cover is easy to clean, features virtually-universal fitment, and can be used to cover 14 to 18 inch wheel and tire combinations. Durable PVC leather will stand up to years of abuse, and no tools are required for installation. The Altopcar Black American Flag Spare Tire Cover adds confidence by way of excellent owner reviews, and its highly reasonable pricing.

5. KubaY-Design Tire Cover for Mercedes G-Class


If you’re rocking a Mercedes G-Class, if you want a great-looking spare tire cover, and if cost is no object, then the KubaY-Design fiberglass spare tire cover for Mercedes G-Class is worth a closer look. This solid fiberglass cover features molded-in sculpting, and a recessed BRABUS logo, which nods to one of the most popular Mercedes tuners going.

This solid and sculpted spare tire cover works like a ‘cap’ for the G-Class’s rear-mounted spare, concealing its lug-nuts behind a rigid plate that won’t easily be tampered with. It’s added style, with some added security to boot. If a simple and soft spare tire covers just won’t do, the KubaY-Design fiberglass tire cover for Mercedes G-Class helps owners with deep pockets to step things up a notch.

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6. Ken-Tool Happy Face Spare Tire Cover

ken-tool spare tire cover

Being nice is nice, and with the Ken-Tool Happy Face Spare Tire Cover, you can give a smile to all of your fellow motorists while brightening their day — even if you’re not sure who they are. This spare tire cover is like many of the rest, and comes sized to fit 14, 15 or 16-inch wheels with tires mounted.

The elasticized rear hem helps keep the Ken-Tool Happy Face Spare Tire Cover securely in place, and owner reviews typically talk of perfect fitment, and the sort of performance and style you’d expect from a basic, affordable spare tire cover. Just note that you may want to open the Ken-Tool Happy Face Spare Tire Cover outside when it arrives, as numerous owners say it smells positively horrific when first opened. All said, here’s a solid all-around tire cover that won’t break the bank. It smells a bit, but the smiley face graphic should compensate.

7. Boomerang Jeep Wrangler JL Spare Tire Cover

boomerang hard spare tire cover

These aftermarket spare tire covers are designed for use with the newer-generation Jeep Wrangler JL, which launched for model-year 2018. It’s a hard cover with a clean and durable look, and shoppers can specify numerous colors to perfectly match their individual tastes. Best of all, the Boomerang Jeep Wrangler JL model is fully compatible with the Wrangler JL’s factory backup camera, which is mounted to the centre of the rear-mounted spare tire.

This great-looking Jeep hard tire cover preserves factory backup camera functionality in full, though pricing reflects the high-end appearance. Still, enthusiasts looking for ways to dress up their Wrangler JL while maintaining full functionality will want to give the Boomerang Jeep Wrangler JL Spare Tire Cover a serious look…it’s one of the best spare tire covers around. A keyed lock and polished stainless-steel trim ring help round out the package. Just be sure to contact the seller before your purchase if you have any fitment-related questions.

8. Boomerang Rigid Tire Cover

toyota rav4 rigid spare tire cover

Here’s a spare tire cover that provides affordable access to that nicely finished hard-face look, without the huge price tag. Various custom sizes are available, enhancing fitment options for a wide range of machinery with rear-mounted spares. Further, the Boomerang Rigid Tire Cover is backed by numerous positive owner reviews that average over 4 stars. Most owners say they appreciate the reasonable price, good fitment, and tidy looks.

The Boomerang Rigid Tire Cover uses a hard plastic face with an elasticized vinyl band to hold things in place, while fully protecting the wheel and tire beneath from exposure to the elements. The easy installation and upscale looks are backed by a 3-year warranty and American-made quality for maximum peace of mind. Owners say the brand’s customer support is excellent, but several report that this rigid tire cover won’t stand up to an automatic car wash, so be sure to remove it beforehand.

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What are the benefits of having a spare tire cover?

Aside from the cool or quirky factor that you get from having a favorite design or saying, by adding a cover to your spare tire you are protecting it from harmful UV rays that can cause it to deteriorate prematurely. Additionally, having one of these best spare tire covers can add as a deterrent to potential thieves looking for a quick grab.

Which is better? A soft or hard spare tire cover?

They both have their advantages and disadvantages. Soft covers are obviously less expensive and easier to install/uninstall, but they can also fall victim to the harsh rays of the sun and offer limited additional security. As for the hard covers, they cost more and require more effort to remove or install, but will obviously last longer.

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