Having one of the best cell phone signal booster models with you in your off-road vehicle could mean the difference between being stranded for days or getting home on time. This article looks at some of our favorites.

In many situations faced regularly by off-road enthusiasts around the world, a cellular phone or smartphone may be your only source of contact to the outside world. Cellular coverage is generally good from coast to coast — but if you’re traveling off the beaten path or visiting a largely uninhabited location, you may not be able to obtain a signal on certain, or any, cellular networks.

Further, in certain types of off-roading, you’re more likely to be faced with a loss of cellular signal. Rock crawling, for instance, often involves travel to remote locations and tackling the sort of rocky, treacherous terrain that seems to do a better job of sucking up cellular signals, rather than allowing them to pass through. Sand dunes can have a similar effect, and especially in a low-lying area where you’re surrounded by signal-blocking landscape on all sides.

In the case of an emergency, malfunction or another setback in an isolated location, your handset is likely your only gateway to the outside world, which makes it important to take steps in ensuring you’ll have a strong and consistent signal at all times.

Below, we’ll look at some of the best cell phone signal booster options that are designed to do just that.

Just a note before we proceed: given the numerous factors that affect cellular connectivity, be sure to take owner reviews of any product you’re considering with a grain of salt. Even the absolute best cell phone signal booster is not a replacement for proper emergency preparedness and safety. You’ll also want to ensure the signal booster you’re considering is compatible with the cellular network your device is using. Contact your service provider for more details.

Finally, we found a lot of very low-priced cellular signal boosters that typically amount to a peel-and-stick foil sticker you attach to your handset. We doubt the effectiveness of cell phone signal boosters like these, and the owner reviews for the cheapest boosters we could find were disappointing at best, so you won’t find those below.

1. Editor’s Pick: WeBoost 4G-OTR Cellular Antenna Truck Edition

weboost cellular antenna truck edition: best cell phone signal booster

This cellular signal booster makes our Editor’s Pick designation for its affordable pricing, good owner reviews, and an enhanced-ruggedness design that’s ideal for use in trucks, 4x4s, off-roaders, and any other vehicle that’s frequently used in harsh conditions.

The WeBoost 4G-OTR Cellular Antenna Truck Edition is made in the USA and features a 2-year warranty. The small size allows for discreet installation and enhances reception for 3G and 4G signals for both data and voice. Mounting hardware is included and facilitates easy installation of the external antenna to a mirror bracket, roll bar, certain light-bar mounts, and the like. A secondary internal antenna, mounted inside of the vehicle, transmits the amplified cellular signal to your handset.

The WeBoost 4G-OTR Cellular Antenna Truck Edition is well-reviewed as best cell phone signal booster options go, with about 75 percent of owner reviews indicating 3-star satisfaction or higher. Contact the seller regarding the return policy, in case this product doesn’t improve your ability to connect to a cellular network in your specific situation.

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SureCall Fusion2Go Max

SureCall Fusion2Go Max

SureCall is one of the industry leaders with its lineup of cell phone signal booster options. The SureCall Fusion2Go Max boosts all North American carrier signals, including Verizon, Sprint, AT&T and T-Mobile. This means fewer dropped calls, better call clarity, and improved data streaming. This device can also support multiple devices at the same time.

According to SureCall, the Fusion2Go Max is 5G compatible and will boost voice and 4G LTE data signals on 5G phones and devices. It also boasts 2XP technology, which doubles the uplink power to maintain a reliable connection in the challenging signal areas that off-roaders know all too well.

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3. WeBoost Drive Sleek Signal Booster

weboost drive sleek signal booster

Whether as a gift to give that off-road enthusiast some additional peace of mind, or as some added confidence that can be easily moved between your Jeep, truck, boat, ATV or Kayak, the WeBoost Drive Sleek Signal Booster looks to be a solid buy. Included are a Smartphone cradle that clips to a climate control vent, as well as the signal booster module itself. Using an exterior-mounted antenna, the WeBoost Drive Sleek Signal Booster makes a connection with the nearest cell tower, and amplifies that signal up to 32 times.

The amplified signal is then transmitted to the user’s phone through a second antenna that’s embedded within the cradle. The WeBoost Drive Sleek Signal Booster is compatible with voice and text messages, and can be used on all major North American cellular networks.

Just do your homework, first: owner reviews are mixed, and the externally mounted antenna will need to be moved between vehicles to stay with the user. The device also needs to be powered. A 2-year warranty and 30-day money-back guarantee add the confidence you may need to try this one out.

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4. WeBoost Drive 4G-X Cell Phone Signal Booster

WeBoost Drive 4G-X

Owner reviews of the newer WeBoost Drive 4G-X and noticably better than the older 3G-S models and that was enough to move it up our list.

This device is compatible with all US cell carriers and will boost your 4G LTE or 3G signal up to 32 times faster, resulting in fewer dropped calls and better upload/download speeds. It also supports multiple devices, so everybody in your vehicle can take advantage of a better signal.

This is WeBoost’s professional grade booster and it is used by first responders across the country. WeBoost boasts it has a 60% larger service range than competitive boosters, though we can not confirm that particular claim.

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Will a cell signal booster benefit me even if i’m not in the mountains?

If you suffer from dead zones in your neighborhood or around downtown high rise buildings, you can absolutely benefit from having a cell phone signal booster in your vehicle.

How hard is it to install a cell signal booster

Normally this isn’t hard at all. the most time consuming process of the install could be running the wire for the external antennas through your panels and headliner. As long as you are patient and take your time, it can be a painless job.

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