Choosing a wheel and tire combo for your Jeep Grand Cherokee can be a daunting task, mainly because there are so many options on the market. We are here to hopefully make shopping a little easier with 5 easy recommendations for the best Jeep Grand Cherokee wheels that not only look sharp on the road but also perform well off-road.

As a reference, those with a Grand Cherokee WJ (1999 to present), your bolt pattern is a 5 on 5. ZJ (’93-’98) Grand Cherokees have a 5 on 4.5 bolt pattern. Choose your wheels accordingly when you purchase and make sure to use a website’s “see if it fits” tool to help you out. 

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If you like options, KMC has a large variety of wheels available for the Jeep Grand Cherokee. Available in wide variety of finishes, different KMC styles are offered in a variety of sizes. If you aren’t looking to do any serious off-roading in your Grand, then a set of 20s or 22s could be right up your alley. For those with lifted and purpose-built machines looking to take on the elements, KMC has off-road wheel options as well. The XD series is available in either 1-piece or 2-piece wheels, and there are new custom options for KMC wheels as well. These are some of the best best Jeep Grand Cherokee wheels you’ll find anywhere.

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American Racing

Talk about styles for anybody, American Racing has everything from classic polished aluminum wheels to shiny chrome versions to satin black with simulated bead lock rings. You can even get neon green wheels, if that is your style. American Racing has been around for many years and they continue to offer a deep line of wheel options for the Jeep Grand Cherokee and many other vehicles. One of our personal off-road favorites is the AX201 Cast Iron Black. As with the other wheel manufacturers, American Racing has a wide range of size options for you to select from. Match your Grand Cherokee rims with off-road tires and you’ll have one complete package.

Walker Evans Racing

For the serious off-roaders reading this, Walker Evans Racing (WER) has some of the best Jeep Grand Cherokee wheels that are sure to stand up to any gnarly climb that you tackle. You can either choose from 501 “Legend” Street Wheels, which are made and distributed by Ultra Wheel Company. These are offered in several finishes and are more for street applications. WER’s Bullet Proof street wheels are much like the Legend series and offer more of an in-your-face look with the black finish. Then we get into the had core options, where WER has a 17” beadlock wheel that can be had in power coated, satin black, gloss black, flat black, machined black, or gray with clear coat finishes. Options, galore!

Fuel Off-Road

The beauty of Fuel Off-Road rims is they have a product for almost everyone, no matter your style or budget. Want some hardcore off-road rims? Fuel has the Podium lineup that has a simulated beadlock. Curious about something a little more flashy for your Jeep? Fuel has a classic chrome wheel with a gloss black lip – both finishes will be sure to catch your eye. If options are your preference, along with a large dealer network, then Fuel Off-Road has a great selection of some of the best Jeep Grand Cherokee wheels anywhere.

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Method Race Wheels

Method Race Wheels is another name synonymous with off-roaders all around the globe. This company has become known for their wide range of Grand Cherokee wheel offerings, in a multitude of finishes. The Method series of wheels blends a classic style with modern features, like simulated beadlock rings (or full beadlocks on certain wheels). With black, bronze, titanium, and machined finishes all available on certain products, off-roaders can find a wheel that fits their style from Method. Prices are highly competitive, too.

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