We’ve heard a lot of complaints from people about social distancing. But that’s because most folks are thinking about it the wrong way. You see, nobody is better at social distancing that off-roaders.

Whether you drive a Jeep, truck or ATV, we are happiest when we are out on the trails away from the mess and congestion of city living. Off-roaders have been actively practicing social distancing long before the term was rammed down our collective throat.

Catching up on Netflix and checking items off the honey-do list is all well and good, but staying cooped up inside for days on end is bound to drive just about anybody a little crazy. Seeing as how we are all supposed to stay away from crowds, you are pretty limited on where you can go if you live in city. But if you are lucky enough to have an off-road vehicle of any kind, we can’t think of a better time to load it up and go exploring.

Heck, even if you only have a pickup truck or small SUV as your daily driver…those are technically designed for at least some mild off-road excursions. We wouldn’t suggest going rock crawling in your family SUV, but leaving paved roads behind and checking out some fire roads and hard pack trails makes for a fun day out of the house.

The one real downside to social distancing is that you won’t be able to hang out with your usual off-roading buddies. But you can still go driving with them in different vehicles. Just bring a communication device with you so you can keep in contact with them.

Of course, we might suggest going in another direction entirely. Rather than heading off-road with your friends, why not take your spouse and/or children along with you. Even if they don’t normally venture off the beaten path, we imagine that they are feeling a little caged up at the moment. Most would welcome a day with you in the great outdoors. Heck, you can even pack a tent, sleeping bags and food and make an overnight trip out of it. And since there’s no WiFi where you are going, your kids are bound to keep their faces off their screens.

Off-roaders have known about the benefits of social distancing forever. Let’s not forget about it now. Get out and go for a drive.