On Wednesday, September 9, the final production version of the Lucid Air electric sedan was revealed during a digital presentation. We knew that was coming, but more of a surpriseĀ  was the release of photos of the Lucid Gravity electric SUV.

The Lucid Gravity looks to be build on the same platform as the Lucid Air, but beyond that details are scarce. While there is no official timetable for the release of the Gravity, Lucid Motors said it expects it to be ready in the next couple of years.

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The photos released by Lucid Motors show a compact SUV driving off-road, though it’s worth noting that both the grille and rear end are not easily visible.

Lucid Gravity 3

While the company shared no real details of the Lucid Gravity, it is reasonable to expect that it will share the same electric powertrain. That means dual motors that produce a claimed 1080 horsepower and powered by a 113-kWh battery pack.

We should probably expect slightly less range than the Lucid Air’s claimed 503 miles. Pricing for the Lucid Air will start below $80,000 for the base model, but it should be pointed out that the base model will not be released right away and will come with a much less powerful engine. Learn more about the Lucid Air EV here.

Lucid Gravity 2

Lucid Gravity 4