With the holiday season right around the corner, we thought it a good time to get a jump on listing a few ideas for the gearhead in your life (even if that gearhead is you).

Hellwig Helper Springs, 2019+ GM half-ton pickups

Knowing squat is a bad thing at the best of times. When that squat is a result of your truck’s rear suspension buckling under payload, that’s the worst of all. These new Pro Series Helper Springs allow current-gen trucks to maintain a level ride height when hauling or towing. As anyone who’s driven an overloaded truck can attest, this results in improved safety, handling, comfort, and overall driver control.

These units replace a previous offering in the Hellwig catalog and are now compatible with all trim levels. This two-leaf helper pack is conveniently adjusted and rated for up to 2,500 pounds of load-leveling capability, which allows the driver to tune the spring rate to match the load they are towing or hauling. Hellwig says they’re easily installed with basic hand tools and come with all necessary parts and hardware.

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Quadratec Brute Strength Front Bumper

Designed for the Wrangler JL and Gladiator JT, this premium bumper has a fully welded one-piece outer construction comprised of beefy but lightweight 6mm aluminum plate. Despite (or perhaps because of) its aggressive styling choices, it bolts directly to the vehicle’s existing mounting points with no drilling or mods required.

A separate 5mm steel plate is the perfect landing on which to mount a winch good for up to 12,000 pounds and claims to offer a weight advantage over competitive steel bumpers. The company has a point when it mentions that less weight on a Jeep’s nose is good for fuel economy and overall vehicle balance. Two designs, Stubby and Full Width, measure 47 inches and 69 inches wide, respectively. Space is allowed for d-rings, lights, and skid plates.

Smittybilt Tow Strap

Here’s the perfect gift idea for the gonzo four-wheeler your life. This heavy-duty tow strap is capable of hauling 20,000 pounds of vehicle across rough terrain and icy roads alike. Thanks to its double-stitched webbing and double-hoop design, the 20-foot Smittybilt recovery tow strap won’t fray due to harsh weather or rough conditions.

Customer reviews are excellent, with many real-world shoppers praising this strap for its build quality and durability. Its end loops are rolled rather than flat, making the whole thing a little more durable and a better fit at odd angles. Arguably safer than a chain and definitely cheaper than a tow bill, this Smittybilt tow strap is just the ticket for getting yourself – or your buddy – back on level ground.

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Mopar Doors-Off Mirror Kit

The crew at Mopar has introduced a new factory-backed doors-off mirror kit for Gladiator and Wrangler owners looking to safely enjoy an open-air driving experience. This is a great addition to the Jeep Performance Parts catalog and one surely spurred by the arrival of Ford’s new Bronco.

Jeep says that unlike other aftermarket offerings, Mopar’s doors-off mirrors are specifically engineered and tested to original-equipment standards, providing a production-equivalent field of view with minimal vibration. Each mirror in the kit attaches to a cowl-end cap bolt and the upper-door hinge, with the brackets are finished with an anti-corrosion undercoat and durable black powder-coat finish. There is a breakaway feature for those inattentive moments on the trail.

Quadratec Q-Performance Stealth Winch

Unless you’re not trying at all, there’s a solid chance you’ll need a winch at some point during your wheeling adventures. Sporting a 4.9 HP series wound waterproof motor with wireless remote control, this winch also provides a neat pair of features in its removable clutch lever and amber LED winch spool light strip.

Other key gear on this winch include die cast finned aluminum solenoid housings intended to dissipate heat, optimized gear ratios for fast line speed so you’re not sitting around all day, and a low current draw. It’s available with either steel or synthetic line options in 10,000lb and 12,000lb ratings. This is all topped off by an IP67 rating, meaning the winch is fully waterproof and submersible for those occasions when your mouth can ‘t match your trousers.

4 Wheel Parts 30-Quart Cooler Party Starter


Heading to the campsite or trail day without a cooler ranks up there with hitting your local breakfast joint and not ordering a plate of bacon. This 30 quart beast of a cooler from an American company called 4 Wheel Parts is said to be robust enough to permit five days of ice retention, by which time most of your beverages will have been consumed and you’ll have to head back to civilization for a refill.

A travel lock system prevents unwanted spillage during transport and is actually certified as bear-resistant. No guarantee it’ll keep your annoying cousin out of it, though. Polar wall insulation, easy out drain system, and comfort carry handles round out a very complete package. The handy tie down loops are big enough to accept buckles of a ratchet strap, making securing this brute nice and easy.

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