While the Jeep Wrangler TJ is one of the most capable off-road vehicles on the road, a serious lack of storage make a Jeep TJ roof rack the perfect accessory. If you’re looking to increase your gear and accessory capacity, our staff experts sourced some of the best Jeep TJ roof rack options to suit your needs. 

If you’re heading out for a quick day run, you might not require much more storage space than what you have in the back of your Jeep TJ. With owners looking to expand their trips to multi-day overland adventures, you likely need much more space to haul an abundance of gear. Keeping the ability to go topless on the TJ, most aftermarket roof rack companies do an exo-skeleton style frame that not only gives you the ability to add cargo baskets, but also gives you the freedom to add items like LED light bars, fuel packs and more.

Our team of experts and explorers have searched high and low for the best Jeep TJ roof rack options that will meet every need and expectation you have increase your storage capacity.

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Editors Choice - Rugged Ridge Jeep TJ Sherpa Roof Rack

Jeep TJ Roof Rack


If you’re looking for greater versatility and convenience to haul more gear, the Rugged Ridge delivers the perfect Jeep TJ roof rack for your needs with their Sherpa Roof Rack. Thanks to the unique tilt feature that’s built into Rugged Ridge’s roof rack, you’ll have more freedom to haul what you want on your off-road ventures. Installation is simple and straightforward since no drilling is required, and each piece easily mates together. We especially like the integrated light bar mount and that you can accommodate a wider range of items and gear by effortlessly adjusting the top crossbars. A black powder coat finish gives a clean look and protects your Jeep roof rack from the elements

Most Heavy Duty - Smittybilt Jeep TJ SRC Roof Rack

Jeep TJ Roof Rack

Smittybilt’s Jeep Wrangler TJ roof rack is rather plain in design but heavy-duty in its construction. Built with steel tubing and weighing a total of 97.9 pounds, this rack is an ideal companion for your TJ. Thanks to a four-point mounting system, 2 x .120-inch steel tubing, and a combination of 3/16 and ¼-inch brackets, you can safely haul up to 700 pounds on this roof rack, making it the strongest roof rack on our list. All pieces of this kit have been powder coated for long lasting protection and the option of three crossbars makes for great versatility to haul a wide range of items. While all of the features above make it shine, reviewers claim that installation is an absolute nightmare and can take up to a full day, so be prepared.

Best Bargain - Ecotric Jeep TJ Roof Rack

Jeep TJ Roof Rack

If your search for best Jeep TJ roof racks has you limited by a tight budget, the Ecotric might be just what you’re looking for. The Ecotric roof rack system has the same traditional boxy look like most other roof rack systems on our list and is constructed of powder coated 2-inch .120-inch steel tubing. Finish your installation by adding any combination of the three removable cross-bars, and you can support up to 300-pounds of evenly distributed weight. The low price does come with some trade offs in the way of fitment, as many reviewers say that some of the bolt holes don’t perfectly line up and require some drilling for a proper fit.

Barricade Jeep TJ Roof Rack

Barricade Jeep TJ Roof Rack

One of the best Jeep TJ roof rack options available comes from Barricade. Their tubular roof rack storage system provides an abundance of additional storage space with their tubular 2-inch steel frame that easily bolts together with basic hand tools. The frame features a textured black powder coat finish for long lasting corrosion resistance and removable cross bars to accommodate different size cargo loads with a weight capacity up to 350-pounds. The only potential we’ve found are the quality of the crossbar knobs. They simply aren’t anywhere close to the high level of craftsmanship found in the rest of the rack, but fortunately they’re easily replaceable with better quality parts.

Body Armor TJ-6124-1 Roof Rack Base

Jeep TJ Roof RackThe Body Armor is the most modular in our list of best Jeep TJ roof racks. Depending on how you look at it, this could be good or bad. We kept the part number in the header of this listing because this would be part 1 of your kit. Inside this kit you’ll get the front and rear uprights of the roof rack kit that are constructed from the industry standard 2-inch, .120-inch steel tubing, protected by a black textured powder coat finish. No crossbars or even side bars are included in this kit though. This is where you’ll have to order their TJ-6124-2 (short wheelbase) or TJ-6125-2 (long wheelbase) roof rack kits. This raises the overall cost and confusion of buying a roof rack for your Jeep TJ, but maybe this is why Body Armor includes a front and rear light bar, to make up the difference.

Do I still need a cargo basket after installing one of these Jeep TJ roof racks?

We won’t say that you HAVE TO have a cargo basket, but we feel that they are more convenient to hold and secure your additional loads. If you do install a cargo basket, just remember to take the weight of the basket into account, as it will affect the maximum load capacity of your roof rack.

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