What’s better than traction? Even more traction, of course.

Aimed directly at those of us who like a good rip through the mud, Can-Am has introduced an evolution of its Visco-Lok technology. Called the Visco-4Lok, riders can now engage a 4-wheel-drive lock mode, which instantly provides equal power to all four wheels. In other words, mashing the switch activates a lockable front diff which should provide an enormous amount of extra traction.

“I’ve … put Can-Am’s new Visco-4Lok system to the test in some of the nastiest, swampiest mud holes I could find,” said Dustin Jones, Can-Am Off-Road racer. “I didn’t cut this machine any slack and purposely tried to get it stuck in some holes I would normally go around … when you lock the front diff it just keeps pulling.”

Spinning all four wheels in equal anger, sending enough mud in the air to satisfy the personal hygiene requirements of an entire hog pen, is hugely appealing. Visco-4Lok will be available for order on a trio of new 2021 machine, all of which are targeted at mud riders: the Outlander X mr 850 and 1000R, plus the Renegade X mr 1000R.

Speaking of the latter, it packs a snorkeled 1000-class v-twin good for 91 horsepower accessed through a selection of driving modes. A 3500lb winch is standard kit and will get you out of a jam if you’ve driven the thing like a total bonehead. The rest of us will do just fine thanks to relocated CVT inlet/outlet, 30-inch Cryptid tires, and 14-inch cast-aluminum beadlock wheels.

If you’re wondering, the Renegade and Outlander machines listed above are available with or without Visco-4Lok but adding the trick new feature does not pack on any extra weight or change the quad’s external dimensions in any way. If it’s in budget, speccing Visco-4Lok is a no-brainer.

Elsewhere, Can-Am is also touting their Defender PRO lineup of workhorses for the 2021 model year. Equipped with a six-foot multifunction cargo box (that’s longer than the beds on most crew cab trucks, you’ll note), the Limited model features a fully enclosed cab with climate control to make sure riders stay comfortable while getting the job done. A Lone Star edition adds a heavy duty front bumper plus an aluminum rock slider and a smattering of badges.

Both these packages feature a new power tilt bed, making it even easier to haul and dump cargo. They also come standard with a 4500lb winch, bolstered seats, and a snazzy 7.6-in. digital display with keypad.