Apart from being the perfect off-roading rig, your Jeep Wrangler’s high ground clearance, four-wheel-drive traction, and rugged body-on-frame construction make it a very useful tool come winter – assuming you have the right snowplow for Jeep Wrangler installed.

Let’s be honest: for the average suburban home, with just a standard driveway and a sidewalk to keep clear, a Jeep Wrangler snowplow is probably overkill. But if you’re a small business owner or your home has a particularly long driveway, and you’ve grown tired of hiring a plow truck or clearing snow by hand, then a snowplow for Jeep Wrangler is an excellent option. Most Wrangler plows on the market are sold as complete kits, with the blade, frame, and controls all included in a single package; all you must provide is a suitable front hitch receiver. That makes getting up and running a cinch, and it minimizes the chances that any one part might be incompatible with anything else.

Here, we’ve rounded up the best Jeep Wrangler snowplow options around, along with some suitable front hitch receivers, to help you get ready for winter.

1. Editor's Choice: Meyer 26500 Plow Kit

Jeep Wrangler Snow Plow

With plows, as with everything else, you often get what you pay for. So, while the Meyer 26500 snowplow for Jeep Wrangler might not be the least expensive option on the market, it’s handily among the best. The Meyer 26500 plow kit ships with a 90” blade made of premium black powdercoated steel, treated to resist abrasions and corrosion for years of reliable service, along with a powdercoated steel frame and hardwired electronic controls for making on-the-fly up/down and left/right adjustments. Better still, it ships fully assembled and tested; just hook it up and go. The frame is designed to mount to a standard 2” square front hitch receiver for near-universal application, and while it’s not the lightest Jeep Wrangler snowplow, weighing around 400 pounds, that’s a small price to pay for the thick, durable steel construction.

2. Best Economy Plow Kit: Detail K2 AVAL8422 Heavy Duty Plow Kit

Jeep Wrangler Snow Plow

If you’re looking to spend a bit less for a snowplow for Jeep Wrangler, the Detail K2 AVAL8422 is a great choice, with strength and durability well beyond its relatively low purchase price. Consisting of a mounting frame, a blade, and a wireless controller for up/down and left/right adjustments, each part of the DK2 AVAL8422 kit is quality, from the dent-resistant coated steel blade to the beefy, welded steel frame. Caster wheels attached to the bottom of the blade make it easy enough to install by yourself, and while some owners have lambasted the assembly instructions, once put together, this DK2 Jeep Wrangler snowplow offers a lot of performance for the money, with an 84” plow blade that can move plenty of snow in one go.

3. SnowBear 324-081 Snowplow

Jeep Wrangler Snow Plow

Another moderately-priced snowplow for Jeep Wrangler with a price to suit, the SnowBear 324-081 is one of the best-known and most trusted home snowplows on the market. A reinforced 84” coated steel blade supports the 324-081’s generous snow-clearing abilities, aided by a tough steel frame with a 2” square shank and a wireless remote controller. The whole kit weighs in at around 355 pounds, which isn’t bad for an all-steel Jeep Wrangler snowplow, but like the Detail K2 AVAL8422 above, this plow ships unassembled, so you’ll have some work to do before you can start using it to clear your driveway. Neither the cheapest nor the most expensive Jeep Wrangler snowplow out there, the SnowBear 324-081 is priced just right for the owner who occasionally needs a home plow.

Best Front Hitch Receiver: CURT 2-Inch Front Receiver Hitch

Jeep Wrangler Snow Plow

As the best-known name in receiver hitches, CURT is practically synonymous with quality, and CURT’s 2-Inch Front Receiver Hitch for the Wrangler is no exception. It’s the perfect way to get your snowplow for Jeep Wrangler mounted up, with a 2” square receiver that fits most major plow models and a model-specific design that doesn’t require any fussing for a proper installation. Rated for 9,000 pounds in straight-line pull capacity, this receiver is crafted from strong, thick-gauge steel with a durable, UV- and rust-resistant treatment consisting of a liquid Bonderite undercoating and a black powdercoat. Depending on your Wrangler model, some light modification to the factory bodywork might be required; different versions of the CURT 2-Inch Front Receiver Hitch apply to different generations of Wrangler. Look for CURT 31086 for the JL Wrangler or the CURT 31433 for the JK models.

5. Best Alternate Front Hitch Mount: Draw-Tite Front-Mount Receiver

Jeep Wrangler Snow Plow

Another great front hitch receiver option, the Draw-Tite Front-Mount Receiver uses a coating process like that on the CURT 2-Inch Front Receiver Hitch, coupling a rust-resistant base “e-coat” with a tough-as-nails black powdercoat on top. It’s also similarly strong, with a 9,000-pound straight-line pull rating courtesy of its beefy, welded construction and thick-gauge steel. Yet despite the similarities, this Draw-Tite Front-Mount Receiver is less expensive than the alternative from CURT, with a 2-inch square receiver that’s equally compatible with most major home Jeep Wrangler snowplow options. Again, different versions apply to different Wranglers; look for Draw-Tite 65079 for the JL Wrangler, or Draw-Tite 65069 for the JK.

6. Honorable Mention: MAXXHAUL 50397 Trailer Hitch Riser

Jeep Wrangler Snow Plow

Depending on your Jeep, its front hitch receiver, and your specific snowplow for Jeep Wrangler, you may need to lower (or even raise) the mounting point. The MAXXHAUL 50397 Trailer Hitch Riser will get you an extra 4 inches of rise or 3-3/8” of drop if you need it, with tough steel construction and a rugged black powdercoat finish to ward off corrosion. MAXXHAUL is explicit in the literature that this hitch riser is not intended for towing use, but with a 500-pound tongue weight capacity, it’s plenty strong, with exactly the sort of durability-enhancing measures that you should look for in every piece of winter automotive equipment.

How Do I Install a Snowplow for Jeep Wrangler?

Most – if not all – Jeep Wrangler snowplow products on the market feature frames which do not mount directly to the Wrangler’s chassis, instead mounting to a front hitch receiver. Of course, carrying a plow is not that type of receiver’s only use; you can also use it to tote around a cargo carrier, mount up vehicle recovery attachments, or install a recovery winch. As such, you may already have one installed, and if you don’t, there are plenty of other reasons to consider putting one on your Wrangler.

Most aftermarket front hitch receivers utilize factory holes at the front end of the chassis. The proper install procedure may vary between Wrangler models and hitch receiver manufacturers, but in general, it will involve removing factory bolts on the bottom of each frame rail and using wire to fish a bolt through one of the existing side holes on each rail, and then through the corresponding hole in the hitch receiver, before fastening with a nut and removing the wire. The factory bolts removed previously can then be reinstalled, fastening through corresponding holes on the hitch receiver to secure each side of the receiver at two points.

With the front hitch receiver installed, all that’s left to do is slide the Jeep Wrangler snowplow shank into the receiver, secure it with a pin and safety chain, and if necessary, install the included electronic controller. Remember: it may be necessary to purchase a hitch riser to raise or lower the mounting point to use your plow effectively. Of the Jeep Wrangler snowplow options listed above, only the Meyer model uses a hardwired controller; follow the manufacturer-provided directions to wire it up properly, and if you’re not too keen on cutting a hole through your firewall, remember that it may be easier to simply run the wiring through the fender to either door and underneath the door seal. You can use silicone to reseal the door in that spot.


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