Not everyone is rocking an up-to-the-minute version of a vehicle with the latest Bluetooth technology, so it is more than understandable why there are so many options for a Jeep Wrangler Phone Mount. Short of keeping your phone in a pocket or bin where it belongs, these things aren’t a bad option for those who need to stay connected while on the road (or trail).

Note that every state has different laws when it comes to distracted driving, so make sure you’re staying legal while picking up a call. Pay attention to what you’re doing and, short of a dire emergency, know that most phone conversations can wait until you arrive at your destination.

With our bedwetting legal team satisfied by the above paragraph, here are a few options for phone mounts in various iterations of the venerable Jeep Wrangler.

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1. Editor's Choice: Bulletpoint Dash Mount Cell Phone Holder

Best Jeep Wrangler Phone Mounts

This industrial-looking Jeep phone mount is alleged to have some carbon fiber and Kevlar bits, making for a solid conversation starter with your passenger. This is to say nothing of the stylized American flag composed of bullets situated in various orientations. With a single 20mm ball mount for your phone, it keeps your hands free for navigating open roads and rough terrain. Reviews are through the roof in terms of being positive, with a full 97% of buyers giving this device 4 or 5 stars (90% did the latter, it must be said). Its mounting arm should resist bending and while intended to be screwed onto a specific point of the Jeep dash, real-world customer photos show it mounted in various locations.

2. Best Multi-Purpose Mount: Savadicar Multi-Function Phone Holder

Best Jeep Wrangler Phone Mounts

No drilling or power tools are needed to install this unique two-in-one phone and drink holder. Simply use a rubber implement and an 8mm socket screwdriver to remove the OEM screws on the passenger grab handle, install this bracket and reinstall the handle. The seller asserts it has a strong bite force, ensuring your device won’t go flying while navigating cross-country bumps. Made of high-quality plastic and an aluminum alloy, this Jeep phone mount and drink holder feature a soft sponge mat to protect mobile phones and cups from getting beat up while they are in use. Practically speaking, the unit sticks off a bit into the passenger compartment, so take care not to snap the thing off if you tend to flail about the cabin.¬†

3. Best Adjustable Phone Mount: iOttie Easy One Touch 4 Universal Car Mount Phone Holder

Best Jeep Wrangler Phone Mounts

Here’s one of the many so-called universal phone mounts available for purchase in various corners of the internet. With an aggregate 4.5 out of 5 star rating from nearly eighty thousand customers, this thing has the mouth to match its trousers. It should be compatible with current-gen iPhones all the way back to the squared-off 4 model, plus a wide variety of Android devices. The patented Easy One Touch mechanism allows you to quickly mount and remove your phone with one hand. Single use dashboard disc and reusable suction cup combo provide a powerful hold and superior sticking strength. An adjustable bottom foot sounds hilarious but is actually quite useful.

4. Voodonala Phone Holder Mount

Best Jeep Wrangler Phone Mounts

Sitting in the same spot of a JK or JKU dashboard as the phone holder that kicked off this list, this thing is compatible with iPhones, Android devices, and other smartphones to a maximum width 3.4in and thickness of 0.7in. In other words, your full-size iPad Pro won’t fit … nor should you mount such a beast on your dash for fear of scuppering all forward viewing. Simply use the original screws in that area of the Jeep and firmly fix the mobile phone bracket to your rig. Extra handy? The Voodonala Jeep JK phone holder can rotate 360 degrees.

5. Rugged Ridge Dash Multi-Mount Phone Kit

Best Jeep Wrangler Phone Mounts

It’s difficult to write an article about Jeep accessories and not include something from the Rugged Ridge brand. In addition to minor interior bits such as interior addenda, they’re also known for stout items like bumpers and rock rails. This Jeep JK phone mount is a custom fit cradle that holds onto your device while hitting the trails & off-roading. The unit mounts to existing screws in that open bin above a JK’s radio and easily snaps into a dash. The adjustable phone mount kit includes a tripod stud, cell phone mount, and a storage compartment to hold sunglasses & accessories. As a bonus, it is also compatible with GoPro cameras, POV cameras, and other such devices.

6. CheroCar Multi-Mount Phone Holder

Best Jeep Wrangler Phone Mounts

Remember the two mounts at the beginning of this list which resided in the change tray atop the dash of a JK? This one is similar in style but built for the newest Jeeps, right up to the present-day JL and JLU. Logically, it’ll also fit the dandy Gladiator as well, since it shares much with its SUV brother. To install, simply remove the OEM dash-top change holder and replace it using the items included in this package. Hilariously, the English-as-a-fifth-language ad copy says it will not fit the “Willy Edition” – which we know refers to the Willys trim but nevertheless made us laugh for a good ten minutes straight.

What type of Jeep Wrangler phone mount is the most secure?

Look for a phone mount that grips your device with two pads, preferably three. We say this because the simple magnet-style mounts are fine for on-road duty but are prone to let your phone go flying when you hammer that big rock on in Moab.

Will a Jeep Wrangler phone mount hold other devices?

Generally, yes. Many of the units on this list will also accept an activity camera or dash cam, in addition to other electronic devices. However, there are also plenty which are solely designed for the slim profile of a smartphone. Be sure to order the one which best fits your needs; finding one that can do several tasks is the best spend of money.

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