Fitting a new Jeep Wrangler exhaust can involve more than just heading down to the muffler shop for a stock refit. As with most things Jeep, there are a near-infinite number of aftermarket solutions, ranging from mild to wild. Or, in this case, from easy-on-the-ear to waking-up-the-neighbors.

We haven’t limited ourselves to any one particular model year or generation of Wrangler, meaning there are several items in here that’ll fit one rig but not another. Always be sure to double-check your application and ask questions of the seller before hitting handing over your money. Good quality aftermarket items will be relatively easy to install and shouldn’t need to be hammered or kludged into place.

With the proper order in place, the next FedEx delivery will be very exciting for the gearheads living at your home. The neighbors may think differently.

1. Editor's Choice: Gibson Performance Exhaust

Gibson Performance Exhaust

Some will consider this a contender for the title of best exhaust system for Jeep Wrangler JK. Gibson says this option is tuned to provide more power from idle to 3,000 RPM, enhancing low and mid-range performance for those of us who use out Jeeps for climbing and towing. This split rear exhaust exits straight out the back, with dual large diameter stainless slash-style tip measuring a healthy 3.5 inches. The business end measures 2.5 inches on the round and is described as an aluminized mandrel bent tubing. As for the exhaust note, Gibson says this unit provides an aggressive sound but with minimal interior drone.

2. Magnaflow MF Series Performance Axle-Back Exhaust System

Magnaflow MF Series Performance Axle-Back Exhaust System

Talking about aftermarket Jeep Wrangler exhaust systems without mentioning Magnaflow is like discussing vacation spots but forgetting about California. The MagnaFlow MF Series Performance Axle-Back Exhaust System is said to deliver a smooth, deep sound with wide-open performance power. Its straight-through flow design allows for unrestricted breathing while maintaining exhaust efficiency. Magnaflow says it has been engineered to balance the interior and exterior noise levels. The high-temp satin black coating on the exhaust system provides aggressive unique style and protection. Made right here in America, this exhaust system comes with MagnaFlow’s lifetime construction warranty.

3. Flowmaster Outlaw Axle-Back Exhaust

Flowmaster Outlaw Exhaust

The Flowmaster Outlaw is an axle-back exhaust system with 2.5″ tubing is designed to fit all 2007-11 Wrangler JK models. Those tubes expand out to 4″ at the tips. The main body is a little more compact than most other units we’ve seen, but this is still an aggressive looking set up that promises a “moderate interior exhaust tone” (it won’t blow your ears out). The whole package is build of 409 stainless steel. The Flowmaster system is a simple bolt-on design that uses the stock hanger locations to make installation as easy as possible.

4. Dynomax 39510 Axle-Back System

Dynomax 39510 Axle-Back System

Dynomax is another big name in the aftermarket, so it makes sense it would have an array of items for the Jeep Wrangler. In this application, large internal flow tubes are claimed to improve exhaust flow and reduce backpressure, with a patented flow director design channelling exhaust flow and eliminating turbulence. Reviews on Amazon a very positive, with even the pickiest of customers only finding packaging problems to complain about. Installation for some only took about an hour, with removing the old exhaust being more of a pain in the neck than putting this new one on.

5. Gibson Performance Dual Split Exhaust System

Gibson Performance Dual Split Exhaust System

Revisiting the Gibson Performance line again, we find an aluminized Jeep Wrangler dual split exhaust system that promises a restrained amount of interior drone but an aggressive note. Unlike the other one on our list, this option has a 2.5-inch diameter at all measures, so seek out the Gibson listed above if you’re looking for cannon-like exhaust tips. Note that while the ad specifically says “cat-back” both in the title and description, this is actually an axle-back exhaust. Real-world customers report a ‘deep, throaty sound on start-up’, which would be an improvement over the typical V6 wheeze.

6. Best Value: Redrock 4x4 Axle-Back Exhaust (Wrangler JL)

Redrock 4x4 Exhaust

If your budget is a little tighter, consider this axle-back Jeep Wrangler JL exhaust design from Redrock 4×4.  According to the manufacturer, this system was made with mandrel bent, 2.5″ diameter 409 stainless steel tubing. The slant-cut tips add an interesting look, but we can’t guarantee you will see a “notable increase in power and performance” like the brand suggests. The good news is this is a bolt-on design and should be relatively easy to install as a direct upgrade replacement for the factory exhaust.

How do I make my Jeep Wrangler exhaust louder?

Not with a Sawzall and hammer, that’s for sure. The days of simply hacking off exhaust pieces in the name of performance are long gone. Modern vehicles need to maintain a delicate balance of factory systems in order to run properly, which is why a good aftermarket exhaust won’t affect items like catalytic converters or oxygen sensors. If it’s maximum racket you seek, look for exhaust replacements advertised as having an aggressive sound.

How much of a performance gain can you get from a Jeep Wrangler exhaust upgrade?

That’s the million-dollar question. Or, in the case of most items on this list, the $500 question. Any claims of performance gains should be taken with a huge grain of salt, along with the caveat that ‘your mileage may vary’. Since an engine is basically just a big air pump, improving the flow of exhaust gases should – in theory – provide a performance gain. However, every vehicle (even ones that are the same make and model) can vary wildly. To know with absolute certainty, book time on a dyno for a before and after test.

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